Vale Robin Williams

I had a visceral reaction to the news that the wonderful Robin Williams had passed away, I literally felt sick to my stomach.

This dear, sweet man, I wish you had only known of the outpouring of love coming your way, but when you’re in the depths of despair, who knows what or who can reach you? From being one of my first crushes in Mork and Mindy, to one of my favourite actors in so many, many films, let alone the comedy routine you did at the Royal Command Performance which was side-achingly funny, you lit up the screen so brilliantly.

And yet, I think your true gift was your love for your friends and family. Your speech for Al Pacino was beautiful, I hope this link works so I can share it all over again. Hearing about you visiting Christopher Reeve after his accident and pretending to be a Russian doctor to cheer him up is one of the sweetest ‘show-biz’ stories, let alone when you introduced him with ‘He’s on a roll!’ as you steered him into a room in his wheelchair.

Your wife has asked we remember you full of life and laughter. You gave us so much, it should be easy to do, but at the moment, I need to hold you close in my heart first.

Robin Williams

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One thought on “Vale Robin Williams

  1. An absolute tragedy I completely agree. Unfortunately, it is like a lot of the wonderful people we have lost we never see the person once the front door closes and reality kicks in. I don’t know what true depression is like, I’ve been on the verge before, but never suffered the full hit, but I do know people, like yourself that have been down that path to the very depths of despair, of self loathing and complete vulnerability and that is just people with “normal” lives. What must it be like to have to put on a facade every time you leave the house, over, and over again? I don’t know I’ll never know.
    The doctors say it looks like asphyxia? In some ways I want to shout “coward” for leaving his wife heartbroken. In my heart I think, may you rest in peace now, no more false facades, no more quick fire humour, just peace.


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