Will run for wine

I received an email this morning from Endomondo, my exercise tracker. Apparently I had clocked up 31km over July, obviously boosted by the 10km Run Melbourne race, but still not a bad total as I didn’t walk or run anywhere for the first two weeks of the month. Last night I walked/ran 5km, I got a bit light-headed after 4km, so had to walk it out a bit further than normal, but I did ok apart from that.

I’m sleeping better, I do feel like I have more energy, but tomorrow’s blood test results will be a better indicator on how I’m doing. I’ve been put on a high strength iron supplement as I’ve been feeling very sluggish for ages. I had a full set of bloods done about March of this year, this is a repeat of everything, plus my coeliac indicators. Depending on how those levels are travelling, I might need some more intimate pictures done. Which fills me with joy. One of the girls at work is having a colonoscopy done tomorrow, she thought she’d be ok to be in the office today taking the medication. Needless to say, she’d never had one done before, so when myself and two other people advised her to stay at home, she was surprised; until we said the medication is strong, with explosive results. I’m off tomorrow, she’s on her day off on Thursday, on Friday we’ll find out how she did.

Tomorrow – a day off work. An RDO to play catch-up with five separate appointments booked; blood test, dentist with Peanut, tax return, haircut and Peanut to the osteopath. I also am putting the car in to be cleaned while I’m in and around the local shopping centre for so long, and then hoping to catch up on the ironing in the evening. The best bit of the day though will breakfast. Hubs has a late start, so the three of us can have something involving eggs.

The plus side to all the running, trousers are fitting a lot easier over the past week or so. Despite me still struggling with dropping chocolate (not had any today though), everyone keeps bringing in fundraising chocolates to work. Not that I partake of any, but everyone is complaining about eating it all the time, but it is on every bench in both kitchens, on desks and with notices all over the intranet. Can we have some fundraising fruit sales soon please?

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