The weekend away: dragons, Uncle Fester and vamps – oh my

Hanno, Hubs’ best friend, is an “Am Dram”. His local society this year put on Haunted Halloween, being in a small country town with no theatre, the play is performed in the community hall. The ticket price also includes a meal, with the show coming after the main course and desserts in the interval. Every year since he started appearing on stage, we’ve travelled up to see him to offer our support and cheer him on, except one year as Peanut was only six weeks old, we understandably gave that play a miss. The following two years I had to miss the play as Peanut decided to pick that weekend to be ill. This year, Hubs was on point to be the parent-who-stayed-at-home-in-case-of-emergencies.

When we were encouraged to come in fancy dress it being a Halloween themed play and all, I twirled my moustache and started sourcing costumes for us. Finding a few toddler sized outfits on a couple of websites, Peanut said he’d like to be a dragon. From there I asked Hubs who he wanted to go as. After thinking for a nano-second he said Uncle Fester, reasoning that shaving his goatee off, wearing a shroud and covering his head in face paint was probably the easiest costume. And it was. Now to mine.

Apparently being female, I need to either get boobs out, or legs, ideally both. Searching for a costume for me proved problematical insofar that I didn’t want ‘sexy’ as an option in the description. August is also the middle of winter here and where we were staying was likely to be freezing cold: I would need some coverage. I spent a night on the computer, eventually buying all three costumes from the one shop online, including a pair of boots with 5” heels. The box of goodies arrived two days later at work, opened up to all sorts of ooohs and ahhs, mostly at the dragon costume. Taking it home, Peanut liked it, but didn’t want to put it on. The next morning, all went quiet in the house (with a toddler, that’s never a good sign), I found him with the dragon costume out its packet. He’d got the shoe covers on and was trying to get his legs in the main body of the costume. When I asked if he wanted my help, he changed his mind about putting it on.

Packing on Thursday night to make sure I had everything I needed for my outfit, I put mine on. Peanut was intrigued at me playing ‘dress-ups’,  saying I looked like a princess. I asked if he wanted his dragon costume on – it was a success, it took half an hour for both of us to persuade him to take it off for his bath.

The drive up was uneventful on Friday night. Instead of stopping at a Portuguese chicken shop, we pulled into a hotel for dinner in the same town. Which was a nice change, the staff were lovely, and I’d be happy to go back there again next time; although the salmon dish I selected had eleven separate items listed in the description. To say the plate was busy would be an understatement!

Saturday morning was bright and clear, I had a lie-in, sheer bliss. We all had breakfast, then piled over to the next town to look around the Farmer’s Market. Hanno had won a lamb joint earlier in the month, but was concerned it wouldn’t feed all six of us for the roast that was planned for Sunday lunch. Talking to the beef farmer, we brought a lovely rolled round joint with a beautiful layer of fat on. I brought the veggies, Hanno’s mum and I brought local red wine, Hubs and Hanno brought pickles, pies, cookies. I don’t think there wasn’t a stall we didn’t visit to be honest. They also had colouring and play-doh set up for the children, Peanut and I had a great time colouring in farm animals sticking the pictures onto straws and playing with them. After putting our goodies in the car we went to the park for a swing and a slide, drove home, had lunch and I wrestled Peanut to sleep. While Hubs and Hanno went to the local football, I chatted to Hanno’s mum and dad, did some online retail therapy and caught up on reading my subscription magazines.

The boys arrived back from the football, we started getting ready. Ten minutes before we were due to leave we got Peanut into the dragon costume. Drove to the hall and met up with other friends. Dinner was served, Peanut ate most of his, we posed for some photographs and chatted. As the plates were being cleared we sniffed and did an assessment of Peanut’s bum, definitely poop, (sorry if you’re eating). Taking him to the change table, his bum had gone bang, the poor boy. Not entirely sure what happened, but remember Hubs was the one who was taking him home if he was ill? Peanut left the hall in his PJs top half, his emergency underwear from his change bag and shoes, very elegant. Everything else was put into the washing machine when they got home.

Hubs told me the next day that Peanut was screaming the whole time about his Mama staying out on the drive home, through his impromptu bird-bath, getting into another set of PJs and only stopped when Kung Fu Panda was put on the TV and was being cuddled in his Dad’s lap. The dragon costume is somehow undamaged, mercifully and will live to be worn another day.

I had a great night, here are some pictures to prove it. Frankenstein’s monster is our cousin’s husband, the zombie her friend, she unfortunately was tucked up in bed poorly. Chucky, Pugsley and Wednesday are Hanno’s cousin and her children.

2 thoughts on “The weekend away: dragons, Uncle Fester and vamps – oh my

  1. Have I told you about my fondness for costume parties? One day I’ll make you suffer the slide show of house parties and significant birthdays…
    Let’s make next year’s group birthday bash a costume party for kids and adults!! (And I say next year, because 12 days is not enough advance warning to pull it off this year…!) Maybe not Hallween theme though… ;-)


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