I’m still on a high

I can’t believe I completed the run, three weeks ago I was still on antibiotics. It would have all too easy to not run, but as I’d entered the race with a friend, I didn’t want to let her down.

The weather was lovely, cold and crisp, but this meant the first kilometre hurt as it took a while to warm up. I know that telling your mind to shut up is the key, but my body had only just started going again after being sick and no training, so I didn’t go crazy and try to break myself. My friend said that her trainer advised her to leave something in the tank for a sprint finish, I said I’d be happy to drag myself across the finishing line by my lips if it meant I finished. The splits from endomondo are at the end of the post.

Not sure why we slowed down so much on 6-7km, it must have been the longest spell of walking to running. I remember I’d missed seeing the 6km flag completely, so was surprised at the 7km mark and said ‘I thought that was a long one!’ it also was when I started smiling. I was well and truly over half way around and the end was nearly in sight. After we finished, my friend said she’d been aiming for under an hour. I was glad she’d not told me that before we’d started as I would have been fixating on the time, rather than just finishing. Which was all I was worried about. The official time of 1:12:55 gives me a great benchmark, as does my 35min 5km.

For someone who has only just started running, I’m so proud of myself. I couldn’t have got round without the lovely KB, we spurred each other on, Hubs and Peanut waited on Batman Avenue, along the last kilometre to cheer me on, seeing them made me grin and I ran and ran and ran. I’m not sure I managed a sprint finish, I know I threw my hands up in relief and nearly cried.

I’m giving myself the week off running, I’ve got an osteo appointment tomorrow night to help me iron out the kinks and assist with my stretching. I’ve emailed Hanno who we’re staying with this weekend requesting a gentle run with him as its flat where he lives, I’ll tootle round with him on Saturday morning. But mainly just walk and go to yoga this week. I’ve pulled up ok, surprisingly, just a bit tight through my hip flexors which is to be expected.

10km splits

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