I don’t do running

Well, that is what I’ve always told myself. I found it difficult to run, having spent to many of my teenage years (all of them) swimming.

But you know what? Your body changes. Any woman can tell you that, with the buffet of thin to fat clothes in our wardrobes. A year(ish?) ago my husband announced he wanted to run the Melbourne Marathon, so in a fit of solidarity I decided to run too. I’ve always had this image of me running on a beach in my head, not sure where it came from; next time I’m up visiting the in-laws, that image will become reality. Where we live is unbelievably hilly, so just to get going I found a C25K treadmill version and plugged away at it until I could run for 20 minutes non stop. Then between 3-4km, then 5km.

Tomorrow I’m puffing my way around 10km, my longest race yet. I’m aiming for a 15km by the end of the year. The crazy thing is? I’m loving it. I’m loving that I can just get dressed and go, the hills no longer bother me, by the time I’ve got up the steepest, deepest one, it is the a gentle downhill to our front door, so I always leave it till last. I love that when I run with Peanut in the all terrain stroller, he’s chatting away to me, urging me on – I really love when I do the same route without him and it then feels easy!

So when you think ‘I can’t’, you won’t. When you think ‘I’ll give it a go’, you might surprise yourself. I am amazed!

What do you think..?

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