A new dawn

Why a new blog? I’m not 100% sure myself. But here are some of the reasons behind the decision:

· I wanted a domain name, not a .wordpress domain name;

· When I chose ‘Penhaligons Picayune’ – Artemsia was my favourite perfume. My favourite perfume now is a discontinued Vera Wang, but I brought two bottles online from America, so I have at least a few years of putting off finding another one. No one understood what picayune meant, so I had to put ‘A little of no importance’ in the tag line;

· There was a mixture of pseudonyms and real names dotted through the blog from me combining two blogs, so I wanted to clean that up as well.

Peonies are one of my favourite flowers, I wanted them for my wedding to Hubs, but our wedding was too early in the year for them to be ready. Talking about this project with one of the girls at work, she suggested the title, it immediately rang true. I investigated if it was available and now we’re up and running. I’m undecided how much to bring over to here from my old blog. Should this just be a fresh start completely?

Who knows. But for those who come along for the ride, welcome aboard!

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