Foreboding words

Foreboding indeed. If you’re not on Facebook and follow this for the sheer heck of it, you’ll have missed that last week I was diagnosed with pharyngitis (on the Monday morning) and then sinusitis (on the Wednesday morning). Both are painful, I was left in bed for six days, croaking like a frog and texting for refreshments from Hubs as oppose to asking for them. I read a lot, slept more and basically tried to get better. Two lots of antibiotics in, my face is still painful, particularly first thing in the morning, so I rang to book an appointment to see the GP again on Friday (today) just before this lot of antibiotics ran out.

I was really hoping that the second lot of tablets would help and that I could actually cancel the appointment, but no such luck. Seeing the GP this morning, she pulled some gloves on and pressed against my forehead and cheekbones, bringing tears to my eyes (but an improvement of the bout of sinusitis I had over Christmas one year, where another GP did the same to me. The pain was so bad I vomited in his lap). She mused, “They feel a bit full don’t they?” she asked me what I was doing to help shift it along. “Flushing them out?” Yes. “Steroid spray?” Yes. “Taking a decongestant?” I’ve been taking Codral cold and flu for ages, so YES!

I am allergic to penicillin and can’t have gluten, so finding antibiotics that I can take is getting progressively more difficult. When I saw the GP on the Wednesday morning, nine days ago, she spent longer on the computer searching for something I could take than it took for her to diagnose the infection had moved upwards. This was after she told me off for being greedy for having had the cold for over a week already. Ha bluddy ha. When I got the script at the chemist, I had to explain to someone (with no voice) that I couldn’t have gluten. She didn’t understand what I meant, I tried again. She still didn’t get it, so I got my medic-alert card out my purse to show that I was coeliac. The pharmacist then had to call the supplier to make sure the tablets weren’t bulked out with wheat starch as the information leaflet didn’t tell them.

Today, the GP again searched on the computer for something stronger I could take. The problem with sinuses is that they’re a bugger to clear, pun intended. Helpfully, she told me that penicillin would clear it up in five days, she asked me what happened when I took it? I go into tachycardia and faint due to lack of oxygen. Which is not good fun. We agreed that I wouldn’t test this out again to see if I could now tolerate it, what with having a small child, driving and so on. More searching on the interweb. She finally found me some, and told me that this was the last option of antibiotic available to me.


The last option. I’m not yet 40 years old and I’m down to two or three antibiotics I can take if I need to take them. Wow.

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