Wild weather

Melbourne and Victoria have had rather a large low pressure system move across them. Dumping a great deal of snow in the highlands, and dumping a load of branches off trees outside our office. We’ve lost one tree completely that we can see from our seats, let alone the others that we heard fall over. Suddenly the much coveted window seats weren’t so popular! We did wonder if the recently added enviro-film to keep heat in and cool air out would save us, but thought it unlikely if a tree came through the glass at a great rate of knots. There are branches and twigs blown up against and under cars, the power went out for about ten minutes and while lots of homes were also without power, people were warned (online, most helpful with no power) it was too windy to fix the power lines safely.

I was very glad I had my lunch and a book with me today, as it meant I didn’t have to venture out in the wild weather. People stayed in the office sharing food with others and are venturing out now to run the errands they would normally have done at lunchtime.

We’re in full party planning mode, with Peanut’s birthday on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed that we’re all well as the bug going around this week is horrendous. One lady at work last week said her son was one of just five children out of the twenty eight in his class; for the teacher to promptly get ill, and now she’s out for the rest of the week with it as well. Bossman is finally better after about a week with it too, and despite our best efforts to keep him out of the office, he came in for a full day and shared his germs. I wish people would just stay home and be ill. It is bad enough working in an air-conditioned office; let alone the people who don’t wash their hands; before you get to people being martyrs and carrying on because ‘I’m not that bad really’. Hubs is busy going hot and cold, Peanut is coughing like he’s been smoking a pipe and I ache all over and have a sore throat. I’m a little bit over being ill I must admit, despite the GP saying last week the viral infection I’ve got could run for 4-6 weeks.

I took myself out for a run on Sunday afternoon, I didn’t do my full loop of just over 5km, I’ve not been out for a while and haven’t felt well enough really – Peanut and I did an abbreviated 3km version. I was working on the kill or cure philosophy, I’m entered into a 10km road race at the end of July and am nowhere near running that distance. I wrapped the wee man up well, tucked him under a blanket and we had a brisk, cold trot out. He loves going in this pram, to the point where as I’d brought it in the house when we’d finished, he pushed it through to the living room and he watched a DVD sitting in it. The only issue I have with it is that running with the pram feels so different to running without it and on a treadmill, it took me a while to feel comfortable going round corners with him in it. I still tend to run with him round gentle bends and slow down for the tighter turns, as I’d hate for it to fall over. I will go to the gym tomorrow lunchtime as we’ve got another community workshop in the evening, so I don’t want to be running at 6am, knowing I’ll be at work till about 10pm. It’s a busy week, I’ll be glad when it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m kicking back with a glass of wine.

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