World Environment Day pledges

We’ve had a whole week of activities leading up to today, World Environment Day. Living in an island nation, and coming from an island nation, I’m acutely aware that rising sea levels will cause havoc. However for some pacific islands, they could get swallowed up completely soon. This article explains more eloquently than I can about how this is now at tipping point.

Our morning tea today celebrated the environmental initiatives that my workplace has done over the past year. We also celebrated the team that the most of (by percentage) had switched off their computer screens, earning them an organic box of fruit and veggies to split between them as a team. We were able to buy reusable water bottles, coffee cups and insulated containers to reduce buying plastics, of all kinds. I am slowly replacing my plastics with mason jars, mainly because of this blog. I love the lunch and breakfast ideas, and that the glass doesn’t corrode or taint the food from previous meals (pasta sauce being the case in point).

Another activity was taking leaves from the pledge tree, here are my family’s:

1. I will shop more often at my local farmer’s market

2. I will have a nude lunch twice a week

3. I will not buy bottled water, I will take my own!

4. I will attend a national tree day event and plant some trees in my local area

A nude lunch is not pre-packaged, so all homemade and brought in. While I do this a lot, there are occasions where I will augment the lunch with a brought purchase (chocolate *cough*). Aside from saving money if I bring a nude lunch every day, I’ll also keep my pledge. I’m going to keep track of them over the year and let you know how we go.

I wonder what next year’s World Environment Day theme will be?

What do you think..?

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