Long weekending

This Monday is a public holiday for the Queen’s Birthday, it’s our last public holiday before Christmas; except for Melbourne Cup day. Yes, we have a public holiday for a horse race. And people wonder why we have a gambling problem in Australia.

It being June, cold, damp and dark in the mornings and getting dark very early in the evenings, we’re limited to what we can do with the wee boy, the two activities we have lined up for him each weekend, the swimming and gymnastics are great as they’re indoors. But he’s requested to visit the animals this weekend too, so we’re off to Healesville on Saturday after swimming (picnic ahoy) and Melbourne Zoo on Monday, aiming to get there first thing to try and avoid the crowds. We brought the annual membership about this time last year, and it has paid for itself tenfold. I love that we can dip in and out, and don’t feel like we have to visit every animal on every visit. One time Peanut just wanted to see the giraffes, so that is what we did.

We’ve got babysitters on Saturday night, so we’re off out for dinner. Not sure what that feels like any more without having to take colouring books and pencils with us, but we’ll give it a go. We both love Peanut, he’s our pocket sidekick, less so now as he’s growing up so quickly. He’s also great fun to be around, it does feel odd not having him with us when we do get the chance to go out on our own, but every so often, you need to remind yourself of who you were before they smaller people arrived in your life.

Other than that the plans are tentative, we’re trying to catch up with some friends but we’re juggling calendars to meet them. Fingers crossed we will align with the planets and Hubs can smack a golf ball around and we can get a play date together. I’ve also got some serious reading to do for my book club, it is our first meeting in a couple of weeks and goodness me I’m struggling with the book. Not much is happening, I’m gritting my teeth and reading, but lordy, something better get going quickly to justify the 600+ pages.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope you have fun.

PS I know it’s Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Long weekending

  1. Grit away… I’m with you in solidarity for the 600 or so pages!
    Have a good long weekend! Ours is being filled with more painting and the loveliness of a visit from my mum, so I am very much looking forward to it. The little one is looking forward to it that much more, though may be disappointed that Pa and Aunty Christina are absent on this occasion. T x


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