Ten on Tuesday – musicians/bands edition

I may struggle with Carole’s suggestion this week, as I don’t think I’ve seen ten different bands, but we’ll give it a go:

1. Wet Wet Wet – first band I saw and for a long time, my favourite band so saw them repeatedly. Then they treated Tommy Cunningham awfully, Marti became addicted to drugs and it was a mess. Combine that with the teenage angst, listening to them now is hard work.

2. Billy Joel – seen him in the UK and Australia. Love him, although being brought up on his music, both my brother and I had a few years where we couldn’t listen to him. At. All. But all his albums are on my iPhone.

3. Pet Shop Boys – one unforgettable night at The Tower of London. We were offered corporate tickets at work, my manager couldn’t go so I went instead. My brother couldn’t get there, so I took the only other person I could think of on the spur of the moment; but didn’t ask my mum, who has never forgiven me. Whoops. Still bopping about with one of my best friends will remain firmly in my memory.

4. The Eagles – saw them at the original Wembley stadium. It was a fantastic concert and one I was talking about over this past weekend as Hubs said they’re coming to Australia. If I don’t have to sell a kidney to see them, I’d like to go.

5. Leonard Cohen – a birthday present from my cousin, her husband and I went to the concert at the Rod Laver arena earlier this year and had a whale of a time.

6. The Spice Girls – at the O2 arena Price Waterhouse Coopers have a corporate box, when the Spice Girls were there for a run of dates in 2008, they gave the box to the PAs to host a networking event. We met at their offices, took the river boat down the Thames watching the lights of London slip by, drinking wine. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, they know how to work a crowd those ladies do. I only wish they had recorded the concerts so I could buy the DVD.

7. Take That – got a text one night from Sonic, didn’t check it until the morning as I was already in bed. When I read it in the wee hours I found they had a spare ticket for Take That, that night. Did I want to go, let them know ASAP. I texted her back yes please and got the train to London to go to work, then whizzed across town on the underground. Much less salubrious than the river boat, and less wine.

8. Toploader – I was in the nightclub in Eastbourne when Sony signed them.

9. Babybird – Mum and my brother were going, and I asked to tag along. So at least I got to see someone at the Astoria before it was turned into luxury flats. It was an odd night, the singer kicked his music stand into the crowd and broke his foot for one thing and my zip broke on my jeans for another. I liked Babybird, when some of their songs appear on shuffle, I’ll listen to them, but still listen to one of the support acts Mulu; their one and only album is still one of my favourites.

And that is all I can remember, I love listening to live music too. Not that you’d think it by this pathetic effort. Must try harder, but when it is upwards of $100 to see anyone on their whistle-stop-blink-and-you-miss-them-tickets-like-gold-dust-tour of Australia, it’s not a justifiable expenditure.

What do you think..?

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