Man flu times two

We’ve had a cold. By ‘we’ I mean husband and Peanut. Both manfully carried on, Peanut alternating from eating us out of house and home, and then not wanting anything at all, but struggling with little mouthfuls as he couldn’t breathe and eat at the same time. He didn’t have a temperature, and he’s not been ill, just poorly – so we didn’t take him to the doctors. Which when we cancelled his swimming lesson for Saturday morning proved problematical, as they can’t refund us unless we provide a doctors certificate.

We had a nice day with him on Saturday, although after a day at home on Friday with his Dadda he was going stir crazy; therefore we took him out to infect other people late morning to run some errands. As we pulled into a parking bay at where we needed to be for our second task, he fell asleep, literally going from chatting to snoring in seconds. I stayed in the car with him, Hubs went into the shop and we drove around the long way to get to our third visit. After 45 minutes (like clockwork) he woke up, we went to get some groceries and by chance found an incredible fishmongers. Called a ‘fisho’ Down Under. It was spotless, the fish were so fresh and well presented, I could have brought one of everything, but we settled on a beautiful snapper and some smoked trout to make this hash recipe as it looks really tasty, although it’ll be made gluten free obviously. I follow Williams Sonoma on tumblr, the recipes they post look amazing, and even better, when you read them, they are simple, so aren’t too imposing to make either.

Sunday was less successful, we are at the hitting stage of toddler-doom, and it’s hard work. It takes all my effort to not rail at Peanut, as it’ll just reinforce that what he’s doing is ok, but goodness me – it’s so hard. We were assembling jigsaws in the living room, he’d dragged out every single one he owns, it was lovely, until towards the end he ran at me and landed in my lap, with both knees hitting my pelvis. It hurt, brought tears to my eyes and I’ve got a nice bruise, which only Hubs can commiserate over. Then when we were having lunch, despite him having had something to eat earlier, as soon as we sit down to eat, he always tries to eat from our plates too, so I asked if he was hungry. I got an elbow in my elbow for the question, held up high and slammed down onto mine. Another bruise, another ‘What happened there?” moment. When I asked to come to me, he huffed, and refused to come back to the table. Hubs asked him to come back to us too, eventually he came over, where we explained that we don’t hit friends, or family.

Sunday we had an early dinner, Peanut asked for a bath straight after and was asleep by 6:30, he then slept through to 5am, came into our bed and slept till 7am. Last night was less successful, he was a lot more restless, after trying to resettle him, with him fighting it to the nth degree. As soon as I made any movements towards his door, we woke back up again. In the end I left him to it, and went back to bed. Hubs then got up to have a go, with him falling asleep in Peanuts bed. I’ve started coughing, so I think it’s my turn for the latest lurgy. Honestly, it’s flipping ridiculous, between child care and an air-conditioned office, we just pick up everything. The head cold going round work is awful, I was hoping that after having something last month I was going to miss it, so I’m dosing myself up and keeping my fingers crossed.

Melbourne is grey and miserable, just like the UK in winter. Autumn has most definitely moved on, the next season has swung round, and I cannot believe we’re in June! Slow down already…!

4 thoughts on “Man flu times two

  1. I hear you! Am totally in denial that it is now June…
    My turn for the cold in our family too. I battled on last Weds & Thurs and went to work when it was just a bit of a runny nose. Did some work from home Friday and Saturday I can’t recall our activities. Sunday I woke with a hacking cough and have been feeling rotten since. Called in sick today, managed to get a couple of hours of work done to meet a deadline and get something on to the next stage, have done some stuff for my shelves home business (Mailchimp sent – hurrah!) and am now trotting myself off to bed with hot lemon drink to read a chuck of our book club book. T x


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