Wonderful weekending

While I woke up tired this morning, that is more to do with a cat grooming me in the middle of the night and a small boy letting me have about 1/8th of my pillow in the small hours, I woke up happy.

This weekend was simply gorgeous. On Saturday, Peanut moved up a class at his swimming lesson, he is officially now with parents out the water. I got in with him to transition him, but next week he’s on his own, which given his toddler listening “skills” could be fun, but at least he can stand up where the class is taking place. After his lesson, we had a lovely play on the water park features, going down the slides together. One of his lovely spoonerisms is that he wants us to sit on his lap, or can he help you. Either way as his speech improves and we’ve lost haddacadda – helicopter, taskey – taxi, amongst others, we’re trying to keep some words and phrases in the family vernacular for posterity as they’re too cute to lose altogether.

We then caught up with friends, having a long (if you’re a toddler) walk on the beach in Seaford, bringing home three sea shells as mementos, throwing the ball for the dogs and pointing out jelly fishes to Peanut as we chatted all the way along and back again, I also got a peep at my sister-in-law, who I’d missed the weekend before as I was away.

After the walk, we had coffees and an ice cream, and split a bowl of chips on a balcony overlooking the water. Heading to the supermarket to grab some last bits for the roastie in the evening, Peanut dragged the basket on wheels around behind him, first carefully laying his monkey in the bottom. He then helped lift the groceries out to put on the belt, including monkey, much to the cashiers joy. He handed over the money, took the receipt, brightly said ‘Thank you. C’mon Mama!’ and led the way out the shop.

While we prepared dinner, he pottered about trashing his train track and playing with his digger, to tide him over the last twenty minutes or so before dinner, we put on A Bugs Life, a firm family favourite, “I’m the only stick with eyeballs!” He washed his hands first time of asking, wolfed his dinner down and as bright as a button asked to carry on watching the film. Looking at him, wide awake and raring to go, we started the DVD again, putting on his PJs towards the end. He went straight to sleep, and slept 8pm – 6:30am. Huzzah.

Sunday we had his gymnastics class. He had a little diva tantrum at the beginning when we took his socks off, so it took him a bit to warm up, but the one time I didn’t have a camera with me was the time he stood perfectly straight in ‘ta-dah’ position with arms outstretched. I know I’m biased but he truly is adorable. We headed to the farmers market, with an hours’ drive detour for sleeping beauty in the back. Brought some local veggies and goodies, including the last of the season’s figs (yum) and some triple cream brie (good job I’m running a lot). Hubs and Peanut had a pulled pork roll each, not much coeliac options to be found, I had lunch at home, smashed avocado, feta and eggs on toast (good job I’m running a lot). I had a doze, Hubs toddled off into the city to watch Carlton snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, then Peanut and I went out for a run. Nothing like a toddler squealing with glee ‘Faster Mama!’ as you hurtle down a hill for him to complain as you puff up a hill. I ran as much as I could, concentrating on the flatter bits of the route, but pushing as best I could on the inclines. I treated it as my fartlek session, and was very hot and sweaty as we got closer to home, with one of our neighbours grinning at me saying ‘It’s definitely easier on the way down!’ outside our house Peanut turned around in his buggy and said ‘Good running Mama!’ which made my day.

I pottered about the house, we had leftovers for dinner, the cats are getting on better, Hubs came home we had a lovely evening together, and Peanut slept through till 6:30am, after coming into our bed. I didn’t look at the clock last night, I didn’t want to know what time it was, it wouldn’t have made any difference to the clinging to the edge of the bed, I just would have known how long I was holding on for!

Have a good week peeps.

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