Postural support

I’m getting old and creaky. Yes, I know that is a shock to me too. I’m drawing ever closer to 40 years old, which aside from amazing me seems to be a significant number for lots of people. But for me, I think it will be like my 30th birthday. More of a problem to my mum, because she will have a 40 year old daughter! Age to me is pretty much immaterial. I’m old enough to be able to legally do lots of stuff, but it doesn’t stop me from being daft about some of the things that I do. I am getting better at this thing they call life, mainly because I’ve got a nearly three year old who says ‘Hey! What you doing?’ a lot, which makes me question what am I doing more than I ever have done before, as he wants answers and ‘Because I am’ doesn’t cut it.

Peanut is so funny, this morning he leant over me in bed and lifted an eyelid to get me out my doze, telling me to ‘Wake up mama, wake up!’ He then told me ‘Glasses on mama!’ After being woken up at one point (well after 2:30am, as that is when he joined us in bed) I had him, the bigger cat (more later) and myself on my pillow, with me having the smallest amount of the pillow, I was slightly jaded this morning, to say the least.

Anyhoo, I digress.

I’ve been seeing an osteo nearly once a week since I fell down the stairs, my back is better, but it’s not very strong. Worryingly so actually. I got given some lat push-ups to do against the wall, and could barely move. Compared to when I was regularly swimming, which in my head was the day before yesterday, but is in reality at least fifteen years ago, if not more, I’m as weak as a kitten (more later). I was shocked to say the least, I had to cancel a session with a fitness instructor last week, but this week I was put through my paces and couldn’t hide behind the ‘I run around after a toddler’ any longer. If I want to stay mobile and supported, I need to exercise my back. I cannot avoid it any longer, I also cannot carry Peanut around any longer, which isn’t an issue as he walks everywhere, but every so often he wants up, and while I can hold him for a little while, 15kg of wiggling toddler on one hip, ain’t good.

Aside from the running, which is coming on apace (ahem), I’ve now got specific exercises to do to strengthen my core and back muscle groups. I took myself off to the gym at lunchtime today, did all but one of them, avoided the foam roller (I’ll buy one at the weekend and torture myself then), shot back to work and am now sitting at my desk all hot and bothered. I didn’t have time to do the whole program, but as a lot of the exercises I can also do at home, e.g. push-ups, crunches, lunges and so on, it’s not a problem, I will do what I can at the gym in my lunch break, (if I don’t get a chance to go before or after work), then supplement the rest with the Swiss ball and yoga mats we’ve got at home. I’m also going to try to get to a yoga class every Thursday, except when I’ve got my book group. We’ve got our first meeting in the middle of June, I’ve started the book, but need to make some serious in-roads into it this weekend as it is massive.

On the intranet earlier this week two kittens were being advertised as needing homes, I requested that I have a look at them. At eight weeks old, integrating one into the family would be easier than the previous attempt when we tried to re-home an older kitten who wasn’t getting on with another colleague’s cat. They both came into the office for a play on Wednesday afternoon, I’d brought the cat basket in, got the spare room ready and crossed my fingers that one would be a good fit. Both kittens were male, one was fairly quiet, the other was charging around all over the place, so he’s come home with us. Doctor Hooper is in the house. Chief Brody is getting lots of cuddles from me, he’s very much my cat, hence the pillow sleeping. But he’s doing ok, a few hisses and growls, but other than that, we’re getting there. We can shut Doctor Hooper away into the spare room, to give them a break from each other, but at the end of the day, they will sort it out and come to an arrangement.

I am the only girl in a house with four boys. Oh boy.

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