Mother’s Day

Today I took Peanut to nursery for a breakfast together. We had pancakes, talked with some of the other mums, the staff brought us the food and orange juice (Peanut looked into the cup, and wondered what it was as he only has water normally!) and attempted to get some nice pictures together.

Easier said than done, as soon as the universal apple product camera is turned around to ‘selfie’ mode, out come all the silly toddler faces. I gave up in the end; posting a series of pictures to Facebook of him stuffing himself silly on pancakes, showing everyone the pancake in his mouth and then posing with a pancake for good measure. We seem to have bred a Drama King.

This weekend he has a swimming lesson as normal on Saturday morning, then we’re heading up to NSW to take part in the Mother’s Day Classic in Tocumwal. Yes, Tocumwal is in Victoria, but we’re staying with Hanno in NSW, all of 20 minutes away. I’m not going to go swimming with Hubs, I’ll use that last hour (ish) to finish off the cleaning or ironing that we’re not getting a chance to do. We’ll get home on Sunday just in time for dinner and to post Peanut to bed, the last thing we’ll be wanting to do is housework, particularly if we get stuck in traffic on the way home.

I’m always conscious of the mothers who hold babies in their hearts, rather than in their arms, this weekend. It’s a daily struggle, without all the advertising ramming their childlessness down their throat too. Be gentle towards each other ladies. And certainly not like this witch who sent out cutesy little rhymes to cover off that her baby list didn’t get fulfilled, and by people that she barely knew to boot. Nice.

Have a good weekend, but if you’re hiding under your duvet pretending Sunday isn’t happening, I’m sorry.

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