Welcome home, welcome

I’ve had this song in my head since Saturday evening. A toot-toot at the front of the house indicated that Hubs was back from QLD, earlier than we thought at 5:30pm. As he kept me up-to-date during his drive back, it looked like he was going to get home after Peanut had gone to bed; so that he was able to be here for dinner, bathe Peanut and then pop him to bed was an unexpected bonus. Peanut was over the moon to have his Dadda back, rushing out the house in socks to greet him. As it had been raining, he hopped up and down on a dry patch of path until Hubs reached him and swept him up in his arms, Peanut squealing with glee. It was one of those images I’m firmly storing away in my memory bank.

Peanut has done so well on his sleeping this week too, (mainly because the soft-touch was out the house) he’s putting himself to sleep and not asking for bottles overnight. Thankfully the wrapping of them worked! When he went to sleep on Saturday night, he slept from 7:30pm – 3:30am, we followed him at 7:45pm for an early night. I was still feeling the after effects of a day-long headache, Hubs was shattered after his drive, I think we were asleep before the room was dark. When Peanut woke up, he came into our bed, faffed about for a bit, but then dropped off and slept till 6:30am. All in all, one of the best nights’ sleep we’ve had in our house in a long time! We’re going to work on the co-sleeping thing, but talking about it with a girl at work, we both agreed that snuggling up to a toddler, providing they’re not kicking, fidgeting or faffing, is one of the best thing in our lives. Sleeping with him in my arms, smelling his skin on the back of his neck, his curls tickling my nose is something I’m treasuring, as all too soon, it’s going to be gone.

Sunday we headed out to Peanut’s Kinder Gym, we’re the only ones there at the minute, Kim is going to advertise it as ‘free play’ to see if she can drum up some more interest. But as they have birthday parties on Sundays, opening the centre up an hour earlier she says is viable. Peanut rushes around, playing all over the space, we’re still working on his listening skills. He refused to sit on a mat when Kim asked him to, so he didn’t get a stamp. Despite a tantrum of epic proportions, him pointing to the stamp box and lots of flailing about, we didn’t give in. In fact, none of the three of us gave in, he has to learn that life is not going to give him what he wants, when he wants it.

Like queuing up for his ice cream the day before, toddler tantrum again, the lady in front of us said ‘Do you want to go first?’ I said ‘No thank you. He needs to learn to wait.’ She nodded, the girl on the till nodded and they got on with their transaction.

Back to Sunday; we had wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market, but it was just too wet, even with gumboots it would have been miserable in the paddock. After tumbling we headed back to our local shopping centre instead. I brought a rib-rack of beef for the roast. Hubs shot into the supermarket to ensure we had horseradish in the house and to buy a pumpkin and a leek. Frozen was on special offer, while queuing up to pay for the DVD, Peanut fell asleep so we wandered around, chatting to each other.

Getting home, Hubs had a coffee and a sit down, I carried on tidying the kitchen, changing the bedding and pottering through the house. After 10 minutes, Hubs joined me and we slowly worked our way through the outstanding chores list, somewhat changed by the cat bringing in half the garden on his fur overnight. We had to vacuum the entire top of the house as there was a trail of twigs, grass, bark and straw (!) on every carpet, all over the blanket on our bed and on his cat bed, which he’d dragged to be next to the floor vent of the heating. The roast joint cooked slowly over three hours, taking it out, I cranked the oven up ready for the roast vegetables. After dinner and doing the washing up, I got told that the roast beef was the best one I’d ever done. Which was gratifying, as I do love cooking them.

All in all, last week was hard work. Being a little family unit is hard work in itself, but being a single parent family, even for a few days was difficult, not helped by a migraine in the middle of it all. Having Hubs at home yesterday, working with him in the kitchen, making our bed with him, splitting up the chores between us, but most of all, talking about everything under the sun was just amazing. I’m a very lucky girl.

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