Detox redux – day one

I’m starting two days later than I wanted to be, as the parcel was late in getting to me. I was aiming to get to the today (Friday) and be on the 600cal meals, but c’est la vie. I’ll have a nice lunch and dinner on Sunday instead, which will be the day after Hubs is due home.

I’ve been doing ok as a single mum while Hubs is away, although the last two nights I’ve woken up hanging off the edge of our bed as Peanut sleeps rammed up against me, then the cat comes in and joins us for good measure. Any attempt to move Peanut to somewhere else in the king size bed is met with a cross ‘No Mama!’ in his sleep. But joy of joys, he did this yesterday:

I brought some tractor and Bob the Builder wrapping paper and a large gift box, I then got his box of stickers down and we wrapped up all his bottles to give to the babies. Deliberately generic, I don’t want him demanding them back from someone we may visit shortly! I helped fold the paper, but handed him the Sellotape and he wrapped as best he could. Then we decorated the parcel and the box with stickers. When he went to bed, I hid it in a cupboard, soon to be removed from the house, where they will be unwrapped and recycled.

Going to bed last night took a little longer, I read him some more books, when he started creating and faffing around on his pillow, I said goodnight and left him to it. After five minutes, I checked on him, he was snoring away. The past couple of nights he’s not had a bottle overnight either, so when he woke up at 11:40pm, he wasn’t expecting one, but came into my bed for the rest of the night.

Please keep your fingers crossed that this goes well, I’ve got a $700 bill for a home-visit-sleep-school as the next and final option! We’re all out of ideas now.

This morning I woke up, had my aloe gel, water and tablets, I was feeling ok, but I am very tired today. I’m looking forward to getting home tonight, Peanut requested noodles for dinner on the way to nursery, which is fine by me. I’ve got lots of little portions of Singapore noodles made up for him ready to go, like last night, as soon as he’s settled, I’ll be going to bed too. we’ve got swimming in the morning, followed by a visit to the V.E.T for Chief Brody. Peanut asked to go ‘to the wild’ tomorrow, so we’ll be off to Healesville Sanctuary in the afternoon so he can have a look at the snakes and the forest. I love that he’s able to tell me what he wants to do. It’s great. Have a good weekend.

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