Last night we had ‘fun’ with Peanut. Hubs and I arrived within minutes of each other, he made a curry and a risotto while I stripped the spare bed, tidied up and pottered around with the wee man. Calling him to wash his hands for dinner, I discovered a poop (sorry), cue meltdown as he didn’t want his nappy changed. To save time, I just popped him in a pair of pants, no nappy.

Then he didn’t want to wash his hands.

Then he didn’t want to sit at the table.

Then he didn’t want to eat his curry, luckily we had poppadums on the table, so he chomped on one of them.

Then he weed, for those in the know – absolutely no clues or cues on his face to indicate that he was going to. He also didn’t mention that he needed to go. I just threw one of the bathroom towels on the floor to sort out after dinner.

Then he decided to hoover up his curry and asked for more.

Then we ran his bath.

He threw most of his bathwater out the bath, again, so after washing his hair I lifted him out to get dry.

Then we had this:

Thankfully he went to sleep really quickly. Until 12am, when he decided that he wanted a bottle. Yes, I know he’s nearly three, which is why we’re desperately trying to get him off the blooming things. After an hour of persuading him to go to sleep tag-teaming with Hubs, I just brought him into our bed to sleep as I was falling asleep over his bed.




Cover on. Cover off.

For two hours.

Two sodding hours. My alarm went off at 5:40am (snooze worked today), but boy did I not want to move from the bed. At all. I did, got dressed, got my lenses in and went to the gym. I ran for the first time since falling down the stairs and was pleasantly surprised at how I was doing, but was yawning my head off on the treadmill. To cool down I popped onto a bike.

I loved my shower this morning. I am hoping that by the end of the week, Peanut gets the message that he’s not getting a bottle no more.

In other news, I booked my hotel for my night away in the city. I can check in at 2pm. At 2:05pm, I fully intend to be star fishing in the bed catching up on some sleep.

What do you think..?

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