Detox, schmetox

You know when you bend over to pick a toy up and your jeans almost cut you in half? That.

I’ve ordered another detox, it is in transit, but this morning I made a shake with a banana, some frozen berries and left over shake from my last visit (Day one, day two, days three and four, round-up). I know that when I was doing those nine days towards the beginning of the year, life was throwing us a huge curve ball, the household was not happy. I was not happy, I’m in a much better place now than where I was.

I’m also a bit cozy in my clothes, to say the least. I’ve not been able to run for a good month or so after falling down the stairs and bruising my coccyx, I was aiming to go this morning, but after spending an hour between 3-4am trying to get Peanut back to sleep, waking up to a bitterly cold house, my bed was very comfy. I hit snooze on my alarm, but it didn’t go off again (new phone, didn’t check the settings, so my own fault), we eventually woke up at 7:20am. Whoops. So much so for my best laid plans, therefore I will go to the gym tonight instead.

I’ve not had a coffee or a green tea this morning, I’ve had hot water with lemon slices and a herb infusion of cranberry and pomegranate, my caffeine withdrawal headache is building already. Not that I ever have that much, but enough to make me think ‘ooof’ this morning obviously. I last had some alcohol two days ago, so I’m off and running.

Why I decided to start on a Monday? We were catching up with family yesterday and weekends throw everyone a curve ball from the five day pattern most people follow, the parcel should arrive today or tomorrow, either way, I’m easing myself in gently. I hope that my jeans are fitting better in a couple of weeks!

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