Road works and coccyx and coughs, oh my

I’ve been watching a new concrete path being poured along the street outside my window. That is what I call job satisfaction, although it’s now piddling it down with rain so they’ve had to cover it up with something. I could easily stand around with my hands on my hips pointing at things, or walk backwards with my feet in welly-boots smoothing down the concrete like icing a cake.

I can’t sit down for much longer than half an hour at a time, although this has been extended by sitting on a rolled up towel, á la a donut. So I’ve been having to stand up and peer out the window while I stretch. Everyone seems to find it highly hilarious that my bum is sore. Except me, as until you can’t sit down, lie down, stand up or move without grunting, you don’t appreciate how well your body had been doing.

Never mind, in a week or so, the bruising should have gone from the soft tissue, I’ll have to put up with the bone bruising for a bit longer though as that will just go in its own sweet time. In the meantime, note to self – don’t collapse into a chair!

Peanut has been off colour the past couple of days, refusing food and running a temperature. Last night he was burning up until the paracetamol kicked in, he then slept for a couple of hours, ate half a biscuit so I was able to get some ibuprofen into him, he got a second wind, went to bed, but got up when Hubs came home with pizza. He demanded ‘Hey! Where’s mine?’ I gave him a slice of my vegetarian gluten free base, cut into pieces (as instructed), he was quite happy just sitting at the table with us talking about things in his books, but didn’t eat a thing. Being put to bed he sacked out again until 5:40am. While he’s asking for food, he’s not really eating anything, but least we’ve not had any more projectile vomits today.

Hubs took him to the doctors this morning, to be told Peanut has croup. Something his cousin had a lot at his age too, it’s a new one to add to the list any way, at least it is not an ear infection this time, which is hell to manage in a toddler. Glad it is this week, not next week as we’re going vistin’ over Easter. Can you believe it’s nearly Easter? No, me neither.

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