Monday musings

Waiting for my tea bags to brew in the kitchen at work today, I flicked through an old NW magazine. You can tell the quality of the reporting and photographs from the front page of the website can’t you?

What I laughed out loud at was the complete fabrication of the stories, that people believe as the truth. There was a double-page spread with Kelly Osborne wearing a dress that simply showed the natural curve of a woman’s stomach. Her close friend ‘our source’ said that she needs to just announce that she is pregnant. There were other stories that I can’t remember involving Kardashians (sp?), who appear to only be famous because one of them had a sex tape leaked online. Lovely.

It was a relief to get back to my tea bags I can tell you.

It’s been a funny day, Peanut refused most of his food yesterday, toddled into us at 5am this morning (which two days ago was 4am) saying that something had made him jump. He came into our bed, I gave him some paracetamol as he was running a slight temperature and got him a little bottle to help him get back to sleep. He started crying and then vomited everywhere. We stripped the bed, shoved him in the shower and sat around wondering what to do for the next three hours until I needed to leave for work.

When we had breakfast about 7am, he decided that he was hungry and ate a small portion of cereal. Through the day I’ve been receiving updates from Hubs, he’s been gleefully reporting on the food that Peanut has been eating. I went home for lunch and had a lie down, the bottom is sore. For those who aren’t on Facebook, I fell down the stairs on Friday morning and landed flat on my butt, right on the pointy end of my coccyx. I had an osteo appointment lined up for later that night anyway, thankfully, she confirmed it wasn’t broken, just bruised. And boy is it bruised. If my butt cheeks are anything to go by, the bone would also be a riot of colours too if it could be.

I was told not to sit down for more than half an hour at a time over the weekend and to keep moving as much as I could. Although she warned me it was a fine line between moving enough and moving too much. Sunday evening, I crossed the line, which left me flat on my back while my back raged at me in indignation. I had an appointment for first thing Tuesday morning (tomorrow), which I could cancel if I didn’t need it. I confirmed that I would need it today!

So my running is on hold, I simply can’t joggle everything around until it’s settled down. Right in time for the Run4Kids this weekend. I’m a little bit sad to say the least. But considering what could have happened falling down the stairs, I can’t really complain.

Not much has been happening, we had a lovely lunch yesterday, our football team lost. Well, didn’t show up I think judging by the score. Hubs had a good time at the football though, we’re all off with Hanno on Saturday to watch the 1:45 match, (Carlton v Melbourne) which is always good fun with Peanut. I’m up-to-date with the ironing, but falling behind with OOAL, which as I can’t sit down isn’t a surprise when you’re trying to work on resources and fact sheets for people, but never mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ve got people lined up who want to use me, I can’t wait to get going, now that I am going!

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