Traffic lights are not an optional extra

I left the house around 6:10am this morning to drive to the gym. I was followed by someone with their headlights on main beam, because I drove at the speed limit and stopped at a set of traffic lights because I had time to brake safely when they changed from green to amber. This over-excited (I’m being diplomatic) driver was right up my exhaust pipe until a roundabout separated us, no doubt berating me for driving slowly to all his friends this morning.

This morning cross people seemed to be out in force, having to slow down and stop because other drivers were on the roundabout first. Weaving in and out of traffic to get that whole car space ahead of someone, skipping through lights as they change. I dropped Peanut off yesterday morning, as the traffic lights changed to green a truck came screaming through the junction. Green!

I’m sick of this, goodness knows I’ve done my fair share of speeding, and have the tickets to prove it. There are times when I’m driving around and correct myself, but since we had Peanut, I consciously obey the road rules, because I have a child in the car and I know I would not be able to live with myself if anything happened to him and it was my fault for being an idiot. We leave in plenty of time to get somewhere, and if we’re late, we’re late, but it’s never because we weren’t ready to leave the house on time, it’s because of circumstances beyond our control.

Slow the eff down people, don’t leave it to the last second before you need to get out the house so you’re pushing the envelope all the way to work, arriving harassed, frazzled and cross because drivers like me, who are driving with more care and attention than you, appear to get in your way!

2 thoughts on “Traffic lights are not an optional extra

  1. Totally agree!
    I was nearly in a smash on the way home today because a guy almost failed to give way to me at a roundabout… rush, rush, rushing probably!
    I was also quite indignant the day that I was pulled over in the CBD for what I thought was a random check, but which turned out to be because they thought I was on my mobile phone. They would have been bored when seeing the results of checking my license… One solitary speeding fine back in 1997!
    As I explained to the young policewoman, I would not use a phone while driving with a toddler in the car (who chimed in with cute “Hello”s and smiles at the appropriate time). I later realised this made it sound like I did use my phone when there wasn’t a toddler in the car, but hopefully that subtlety passed her by. Moral of the story? Don’t play with your hair or earrings in traffic when police are on the footpath nearby!


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