Self-care and not believing the weather men

Today I had a bit of a slower morning, as I had an osteopath appointment from 9-10am, so didn’t get into work until 10:30am. I’ve worked through lunch and will stay back for half an hour to make the time up, but I badly needed to see Andrea for that extended visit.

I am trying to look after myself better, I’ve definitely cut down on coffee this week, however I did have a crunchie and a can of coke the other day. Again, I ate and drank them thinking to myself, ‘Why did I do this?’ I don’t even particularly like coke! So I’ve stopped. I’ve just cleared the last of the pod bods (I work in a Dilbert cartoon esque office) chocolate out my fruit bowl, returning it back to a fruit bowl, which is the point of having it on my desk, not for everyone to dump their chocolate in.

All About Soul has popped up on random, my feet are tapping, I’m trying not to sing out loud. Andrea was lovely this morning, really gave me some TLC, I was stiff and sore, and as she worked on me I could feel the tension leaving my body. She gave me a lovely head and face massage too, and I started crying. We are so busy carrying on regardless we really do forget to take care of the most important person in our lives, us.

If we don’t look after us, we can’t look after anyone else in our lives. Despite all the tension that has been rolling through our house over the past two months, Hubs and I are working well together, we’ve got a dinner out tomorrow night, just us. Can’t wait. He checks in on me, I’m checking in on him, somehow we’re still muddling through ok. Just to say, we STILL do not know what is going on, which means we are up to week seven *enigmatically* – le sigh.

In other news, we’re getting another cat. A lady at work has struggled with her older cat accepting a new kitten; as they need to move him on quickly, he arrives at our house tomorrow morning. Currently called Pepper, I’m tempted to rename him Hooper, in keeping with the Jaws theme, but Hubs said if he attacks Chief Brody, he will end being called Quint. It’s all happened in a bit of a rush, but Jethro (the older lady cat, yes really) is very stressed. I’d been thinking about getting another cat for CB to knock about with, so the timing for us is ok. But I will be keeping a close eye on both of them to make sure they’re behaving.

My blisters from my new shoes are healing, I went for a 4km walk with some colleagues at work yesterday lunchtime, I’ll go for a run this weekend and see how I go, I might not go to the gym for a run either, now that’s daring. Me out in public puffing around instead. I sponsored someone I used to work with who is running 50 miles soon. Yes, you did read that right, this is the only person I know that has also gone up Mt Kilimanjaro and run the London Marathon, crazy person. I’m aiming to be running 15km by the end of the year, and after finding some motivational images for the website, I’m actually looking forward to getting there. I’m feeling very sluggish today, combination of wrong time of the month and the after effects of a headache yesterday. But the treatment I had this morning helped enormously.

Tomorrow morning we’re changing swimming lesson venues, we’ve just given up with where we were going, it was too chaotic. (Just snorted with laughter, All About Soul has come on again, it’s evidently not enough for me to just rewind it, I also added it in repeatedly to the same playlist!) I don’t know how Peanut will go, he has got used to where we were at, we’re taking him to ironically a closer pool to our home, but it’s also the pool with all the play features, so it’ll take him a while to get used to going swimming, not playing. If he knows he can play afterwards, fingers-crossed that’ll work.

I’ll report back, it’s going to be a big weekend, but productive too. Have a good one.

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