Another month, another lurgy. I thought we were doing ok, but then on Sunday afternoon Hubs got hit by lethargy and was puffed out just walking up the stairs, he went back to bed for a couple of hours in the afternoon; Peanut had woken up with a husky voice and slept for three hours in the afternoon; I was fine, then Monday night was doing dinner, sat down to eat it and could barely get up again. I was in bed at 8:30, have razor blades in my throat and cardigan on, cardigan off. I’m taking some cold and flu tablets and pushing on through, which I know won’t do anyone any favours, least of all me, but there we go. Judging by the boys, it’ll be over and done with soon enough, but not what we needed this week, it’s a busy one.

The weekend was spent drinking and laughing with friends on Saturday, preceded by a bit of shoe shopping for a badly needed new pair of black flats, I brought these as they’ll be good to walk to work and to wear with jeans. Bearing in mind I walk five minutes to work, they hurt my feet by the time I got there. Putting them on to come home, I got halfway and had to walk the rest barefoot. Every time I buy new shoes I have to go through the same thing, it drives me crazy. I put some industrial plasters on this morning after leaving my feet uncovered overnight, (not easy to do when I wanted to put socks on as I felt cold), put on some socks, my favourite boots and hobbled into work. By the time I’d got up the hill I was walking better, but oweee.

Sunday I cooked a Bolognese sauce, Singapore noodles, vegetable cheesy bake, soup, a frittata and stuffed chicken breasts with steamed veggies for our dinner. Peanut hoovered up the chicken, it was the first time he’d had it, we were both impressed, but bocconcini, pesto in your chicken then wrapped in prosciutto – you can’t go wrong with really! Yesterday I made a chicken and mushroom risotto, I wanted to do some ironing, but went to bed early, which is about where we came in.

I’m sorry I’ve not got much else to report, although I’d like to leave you with this picture which I found on tumblr this morning. Talk about prescient, and it’s timing was perfect as my mood dips for the wrong time of the month. another reason for me to stay out of bed today, it is all too easy for me to stay in bed and feel sorry for myself.

What do you think..?

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