It’ll be all white on the night

Looking for stock images for this site and looking on Pinterest last night, every room seems to be white. With colour accents, which is lovely and clean, but if you have small children not always practical!
I am fully aware of this, so please bear with me while I’ll build up my library f images, I’ll keep hunting out more colourful pictures – but a lot of the stock images are styled. Who the hell has time to style a room to the nth degree? Having completely redecorated a whole house, including stripping and sanding floors, and painting room after room in military housing, I know most of the time you potter about, choose some paint or paper and hope for the best.
Stylists are fabulous people, I wish I could see the way they do, but I wish they could also see the world the way that we do!


What do you think..?

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