Ten on Tuesday – delegation edition

I love this topic, Carole has asked for ten things that you could do yourself, but that you get your husband to do instead.

1. Larger car maintenance, although I’m the one that vacuums it, checks the tyre pressures and so on, organising the servicing falls firmly in his area. Mainly because I take it into a garage, they still think I’m an idiot and try to overcharge me *Paddington Bear stare*

2. Capturing of creatures in the house. Not exclusively ones the cat has brought in either, we live in Australia so we get all sorts of critters just moseying in when they feel like it.

3. Gardening, I’ve got a brown thumb, and while I’d like to get better at it, our veggie patch is firmly his domain, I am allowed to water and harvest from it…

4. Worms, he blitzes the leftovers into the most revolting brown sludge, but he’s tending them so well, they’re thriving.

5. He tends to do a lot more of the driving too, although on longer distances we do share, he still does the majority of it.

I can’t think of ten things, don’t know what that says about our relationship but we do share all the chores. I gave him a pep talk in girl washing 101 this morning while I put my make-up on, but we both do the laundry, hang it out, fold it, put it away or iron it; we both cook and clean up, we both load and unload the dishwasher, we both run around with cleaning products too. so aside from rescuing me from moths, skinks, beetles and so on, we’ve obviously got a good split across our domestic duties.

Dang, I thought I would find this one really easy. I guess I’m more self-sufficient than I thought!

What do you think..?

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