An old friend

So after deciding that I was going TT for a bit, one day at a time. I looked online to see if I could find a counter to add to my blog, I couldn’t find one, but I did find a worrying series of apps that you can download which allow you to work out how much you can drink so you can drive home safely. Erm, that would be none? That will be $3.99 per person who reads this.

I also found that Andrew Johnson has a stop drinking app, in conjunction with his relaxing, sleeping, procrastination and energising suite of apps, amongst others. I brought it, adjusted the settings and ran the app when I got into bed the night before last. I’ve not listened to his voice in months, and I mean months. But I went through a stage where I listened to him every day, so I wasn’t surprised that as soon has his Scottish burr started, I could feel myself melting into the mattress. I was lying on my back and all was going well till I let out one of those ‘you’re in the wrong position’ snore/grunts that mean you need to roll over, I chuckled and did and immediately drifted off again. I was asleep until 4:30am when Peanut woke up wanting a drink. It doesn’t matter how many bottles of water you leave in his room, he still wants us to give it to him.

Last night, I set him off again, but without the instructions first, but I think I need them on in future to help my brain switch off, as I was lying there with my mind whirring away for a bit. I did however sleep through till 6am, which is the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a couple of weeks, if not months. Probably 8 and a bit hours of sleep. Hubs didn’t sleep as well, he split a bottle of wine over dinner, which is more than he normally drinks so was a bit restless. I don’t think I moved all night.

Andrew, I rave about you a lot, it was a pleasure to have you talking to me in my ears again, thank you.

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