Waiting, waiting

Apologies, this was started on Friday – but I never got to finish it.

I saw my osteopath today. When I have to have my jaw adjusted because I’ve been clenching it, I know I am be-frazzled. (This may be my new favourite term, you heard it here first!) I have booked in for an hour with her on my next visit in three weeks. It was a big adjustment today, again reminding me that while I may think that I’m doing ok, my body hides my stress levels pretty well and that I need to remain pretty in-tune with myself to keep an eye on how I’m going.

We thought we’d have resolution today to the situation we are in, but the meeting has been pushed back again to Tuesday, meaning this is the third? fourth? time it’s been rearranged. I don’t know anymore, I’ve lost count. I will let you all know what has been happening when we know we are out the woods for sure, but until then, secret squirrel on here.

I’ve put my headphones in, listening to Billy Joel, All About Soul. Potentially my favourite song of his, I love that it starts with a drum beat that stays pretty much the same all song, but as the instruments get layered, the song just gets bigger and bigger. When he played it on Top of The Pops (oh how I miss that program), Simon Mayo said it may have been the biggest band they’d had on the programme. When the full gospel choir comes in fairly belting out a chorus, the hairs on my arms stand up. Altogether now na na na na na na na naaaa. Aside from repeatedly pressing the little rewind icon on my iPhone, having both headphones in and it on fairly loud is drowning out the sound of a colleagues bangles dragging on her desk. Which today are grating on my nerves.

Now we’re at Monday.

I’ve just started All About Soul Again I hope that links works ok, we’re not allowed to look at streaming media at work (I’m on a tea break), so I’ve just copied the link from the front page of the google. If it doesn’t work, I’ll fix it later on. I know that as music is so personal, recommending something and then finding that the other person doesn’t like it, can be heartbreaking. It’s like recommending a film, book, or air, it can cut you to the quick when something you’re invested in, love and want to share falls flat.

When I put on Spinal Tap for Hubs for the first time, I told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t like it, it was a deal breaker. A bit like Shawshank Redemption, Michael Clayton, Some Like It Hot, The Big Chill, When Harry Met Sally – if you’re not invested in those movies, well. If you wanted me to, I can probably recite most of those films by heart, although I am aware that is annoying when you’re watching a film with someone, so I don’t do that in company, but when I am ironing I’m not responsible for me babbling to myself… I can also sing (badly) the entire shows of Phantom Of The Opera, Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat and Me and My Girl should you ask me nicely too.

We had a lovely weekend, culminating in a beautiful roast beef joint that we’d brought at the Hurstbridge Farmers market and cooked slowly. Hubs had par-boiled the potatoes for me, I’d shoved some of our home-grown beetroot in the oven with the beef at the same time. When I got home from meeting a girlfriend I took them out the oven, peeled them and put them in with the potatoes to get all caramelised and lovely. We also had heritage carrots from the market, some broccoli and beans. I made the gravy and Yorkshire puddings and was in heaven. I’d been wanting a mouthful of beef, horseradish sauce, gravy and Yorkshire pudding for about a week, that first mouthful was blissful. And what amazed me were the puddings, I’d not thought about doing them until Mum was out on a visit, I honestly didn’t think they would work with gluten free flour, but I surprised myself the first time and surpassed myself yesterday. Instead of making lots of little ones, I made three big puddings, they rose nicely leaving a well to put your gravy in and were light and fluffy.

I had a bit of a later night than planned, I wanted to go to bed about 9pm, but as Mardi Gras was on SBS2 and we couldn’t record it, we ended up watching the end of it till 10pm. I then spent far too long surfing the web in bed, propped up on a pillow, undoing all the Osteo’s hard work from Friday no doubt. Why I didn’t read I don’t know, stupidity I guess. Any hoo, I slept like a log till Peanut squeaked for a drink at 5ish, my alarm went off at 6, I got dressed and went straight to the gym. I thought it was going to be awful, but it wasn’t at all. I’m going to be sore I know tomorrow, but I felt strong on the treadmill again. I was running out of time so had to miss my swim, I’m going to set my alarm earlier from now on, but came home and had a relaxed time getting ready for work chatting with Hubs and Peanut.

We had a good weekend, and our mood reflects that. Hope you all have a good week.

One thought on “Waiting, waiting

  1. You’re going to be horrified when I tell you… I’ve never had a Yorkshire pudding.
    Can we still be friends?


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