What is your most pressing problem?

  • “My house is lost under a blanket of toys, but some adults live here too.”
  • “Why do I have nothing for dinner, despite spending $100 at the supermarket yesterday?”
  • “I know I’ve got something to wear in there somewhere.”
  • “We’re moving house soon, and I don’t know where to start!”

Specialising in assisting working parents & logical to the point of simplicity, Maddie will help you see past the mountain of ironing & piles of paperwork, to a workable, sensible solution that involves the whole family in pulling together and working as a team in maintain your home.

Everyone has days where they wish their lunch was ready to go & their clothes were already ironed. Sometimes we all need a bit of help, or even a prod in the right direction.

Maddie can and will help you recognise what is important to you and your family, and most importantly, will help you achieve it.


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