Clean9 detox update

Well, I did it. For seven days I followed the detox plan religiously, dropped 3kg quickly after the first three days, put a kilo back on when I started eating (I weighed myself on day 5), which considering it was only 600cal meals that I’d been eating, was maddening. I weighed myself on Monday (day 8) this week, I’d lost another 2kg, so 4kg off in all. I’ve not done my measurements yet as I keep forgetting.

On Monday morning, despite having a full night’s sleep and I woke up lethargic and weary, (again), I ate a normal breakfast of toast with avocado, and felt heaps better. I’ll keep on using the Aloe gel and shakes/supplements until they’ve gone, but I can’t say hand on heart that I felt better for doing the detox, which is disappointing. Yes, I’ve kick-started the weight-loss, which was an objective I wanted to achieve. I am also fitting better into my jeans, another objective achieved, but the full of energy claims I can’t substantiate. I know that we had an awful week with Peanut sleep wise, and we also are still in the middle of a very stressful time at the moment, but I wasn’t expecting the bone numbing exhaustion that followed me around all day. I can’t say that the Clean9 didn’t give me energy, with everything else going on in our life, it probably held me up better than I thought, but my timing of the detox wasn’t good, but the best laid plans of mice.

This Monday I also met up with a friend, I’d warned him I was doing a detox, when we were lining our diaries up, but I explained I’d come off it. We went out for lunch and I had bacon, eggs, mushrooms, spinach and toast. I couldn’t finish it all, my stomach had shrunk and I was full for the rest of the day. I didn’t feel guilty for eating it either, I didn’t feel guilty for not making it through the 9 days, I just enjoyed my food. Tuesday I had a shake for breakfast, a small sandwich for lunch and had dinner with Hubs and Peanut, again I couldn’t eat it all, so I can tell I won’t be having the same portion sizes as I had been, which isn’t a bad thing. But Hubs and I then split a bottle of Pinot and relaxed in front of a documentary and talked to Hanno on FaceTime. It was a nice relaxing evening and one we had both earned.

I’ve just been complimented on my hair again, I’m going to write on my plan at the gym ‘I shaved it off for charity!’ as people I walk past are giving me odd looks, so I can only imagine what the stares will be like at the gym. Here is the picture for you, I forgot to add it yesterday:

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