Clean9 Detox days 3 and 4

I’ve definitely done the worst bit now. The headache and aches and pains have cleared, I’m still waiting for my energy levels to pick up, but you can probably blame a small boy and a cat for having a couple of disturbed nights back to back for that more than anything else. I did have to go home about an hour early from work yesterday though, I was having belly issues that were not improving, but by the time I’d got my head down for an hour or so and had dinner, it was much more pleasant.

I had a small portion of pasta with homemade bolognese sauce and a sprinkling of cheese, with lots of black pepper, and a large portion of green salad with dill tips and lemon juice dribbled over the vegetables (yes, and fruit if you include the cucumber and tomatoes). I then had a couple of slices of watermelon to finish. Need I say that it was heavenly? I think not. I savoured every mouthful. Well under 600cal too. Tonight I’ve got the salad again, augmented with a boiled egg, some ham, artichokes and more fruit. I was going to have my lunchtime shake with some berries in today, but Hubs was whizzing up our leftovers for worm food when I got home in Nellie, so I’ll just have a naked shake again today. I’ll get some berries in it for breakfast or lunch tomorrow. I did bring myself some crunchy crudités to work today, radish, cucumber and dill pickles; aside from the aloe gel, the shake is pretty sweet, so having the salt and the crunch was lovely too. I’m certainly appreciating food a lot more!

Now I’ve got through the first two days, I’ve added cranberry and pomegranate fruit infusions into my day. I don’t mind lemon in hot water, as I’ve been drinking that for years, long before it was fashionable, but the lack of tea was getting to me. I know I won’t be drinking as much tea come next week, you do get used to not having something pretty quickly. I am not missing coffee, I’m definitely not missing the odd soft drink I used to have, I never had them enough to worry about them becoming a habit. I’m also not missing chocolate, which I only started having cravings for since I had Peanut. Go figure, I used to wonder why women I worked with were feral unless they had some; then I stopped breastfeeding and started salivating over the prospect of a Dairy Milk.

[Secret Woman’s Business, you can skip this paragraph if you’re male] I am due on towards the back end of next week, so that will be the test for me, as the day before and on the first day, I eat a lot more food than normal. Not always chocolate too, I’m still more inclined towards crisps and extra-large portions.

We had a lovely morning with the wee man today though. About 2:15 he woke up crying again, which is unusual for him and has been two nights on the trot. I settled him back down, but at 2:30 he was up again, so in he came with us, I wasn’t going to fight him to bed like we did for most of Tuesday night. Hubs didn’t even notice until he woke up next to him in the morning because he was falling out of bed. At one point I was clinging onto the edge of the bed, with the cat on my pillow wrapped round my head, Peanut was wedged up against me. We’ve got a King Size bed, it’s huge, and Hubs and I barely had any of it last night.

Chief Brody has also moved on from collecting skinks to black beetles that hiss and squeak at you as they stomp around indignantly. Luckily it means we know as soon as one appears in the house, but this morning the cat was most pissed off to have his toy taken from him, so he went downstairs in a huff. Thankfully the moths that he was bringing in have all died off, so we’ve got a bit of respite from them. Heaven alone knows what else will be on the menu! At least he doesn’t bring anything into the bed, then I would be really cross. All his presents to us go under the dining room table.

As you can see, with the two smaller boys in the house, we’re still not getting a huge amount of sleep. We went to bed early last night too, but chasing a beetle round under the chairs and table wakes you up a bit, so it took us a while to settle back down. The whole night disturbance was my fault though, Mum FaceTimed us from the UK, just as Peanut had been given his bottle to go to bed. I made the mistake of showing him Granny on the iPad, it had the opposite reaction to what I thought it would, he was very upset that she wasn’t here. All my parenting stripes undone in one go. Whoops.

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