Toddlers, who’d have em?

My god! Last night was truly awful. Poor Peanut was up and down all night, complaining that his ‘Bum’s sore’. Poor little man. Lying in bed with Hubs in the small wee hours when we just gave up and brought him in with us he reminded me that he hoped it wasn’t the pistachio shell he’d swallowed that was causing the problem. Over the weekend Hubs and I shared a small bowl of the nuts, shelling them as we went, Peanut grabbed a shell and popped it in his mouth before we knew what was happening. After chasing him down to his bedroom we found that he’d swallowed it. We’ve not been keeping a close eye on his nappies, you’re a braver person than I am to do that. But now I’m wishing we had.

At 5:45am he woke up as bright as a button, and went out to play in the living room. 6:00 my alarm went off to go to the gym. Peanut came toddling into us, proudly told us he’d done a poop, Hubs manfully stepped up and changed him ready for nursery. I really wasn’t feeling enthused about moving from my bed; we’d both been up at least four times each overnight, but I decided to go for it and pulled on my gym clothes. I staggered in, realised I’d left my water bottle behind and plugged away. It was hard, hard work. Not in a good way. I tried to keep going, but felt so awful, I physically couldn’t. Halfway through the second run, I slowed to a walk, tried to pick it up again, and felt remorse as I switched the treadmill off. I know my body well enough when it is mentally tough vs. physically tough and today I would not have done myself any favours by carrying on.

I drove home, feeling queasy, admitted to Hubs that it was too difficult to do today, he said he was too tired to go to the gym this morning as well, so he was going to go this afternoon after a sleep. (Insert expletive here). I had some water, the aloe gel and a shake for breakfast and hoped that it wasn’t the detox throwing me around too much. I get to eat tonight, I’ve got some really nice pasta sauce to look forward to all day, that and a huge green salad as most veggies have stuff-all calories in them. Having a 600cal meal is actually going to be quite easy, as when I’m on a fast day, I have 500cal all day, so tonight’s meal is actually pure luxury. When you start investigating calories, not to Bridget Jones degree, what you can eat when you need to keep an eye on what you’re consuming is actually a lot of food.

Today we’ve got a big forum for the whole department, so I must fly, I was just typing this out while I waited for the last of the slides to be delivered to my inbox. I’ve now formatted the presentation so they’re all the same. Four different boys, four different formats, not bad considering I sent them the template!

What do you think..?

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