Clean9 detox day 2

Well, this has been a rough day. Having posted in the group on Facebook, apparently it’s normal to feel as awful as I do on day two, day three should be better. I sincerely hope so!

I had another shake for lunch, and am hungry now, but have only a shake to look forward to tomorrow morning for breakfast, with a glorious 600cal meal for dinner. I’m already trying to work out what I can have, heaps of veggies I know that much. I’ve got to go grocery shopping tonight, which is filling me with dread, I’m going to need a will of iron to get things for the boys and not me this week. but never mind, it’ll be worth it to fit into my jeans properly again.

When I went home for lunch, I had to have a sleep I was so tired, but it was all I could do to get back out of bed and walk back to work. I’m going to have another early night tonight and keep my fingers crossed for some energy tomorrow morning. I also get to weigh myself too, which should be interesting.

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