Clean9 detox day 1

It is finally here, the nine days I will be detoxing with the Clean9 plan. It’s the afternoon. I felt a bit rumbly mid-morning, but I feel ok considering I have only had fluid now all day. I’d love to know how it works, will investigate.

I’ve taken the measurements and the scary ‘before’ pictures, I know I’ve been feeling my clothes have been a bit cosy, but it’s not until you get a picture of your butt to make you think, whoa! What I found really scary was that as I’d been going up to the gym regularly for about a month, I was feeling great, but standing in your undies, there is nowhere to hide.

It does not help that my hair is truly awful. I hate it, and I don’t think I’m going to be able to last for another month before I shave it off. I think it will be going before then. All the donations that have come in (the link is on the right hand side in the blog roll if you want to donate) have all been online, so if I did grab the clippers before the big weekend, it’s not really going to matter in the grand scheme of things. I’m going to grade 2 if you’re interested. In a few short weeks, my appearance is going to change dramatically!

Hubs and I had a nice walk out this morning, we dropped my mum off at the airport with Peanut, (much weepiness) Hubs had a doctors’ appointment, we got home, got changed and headed out on the normal 5km route. It helped my mindset enormously, I came home, had a little siesta (less to do with the detox and more to do with the lack of sleep due to it being so hot over the weekend), had another shower and headed into work.

Have a good week peeps.

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