Ten on Tuesday – I am edition

Carole has asked us for a Ten on Tuesday with a twist this week. Ten statements beginning with ‘I am…’

1. I am very pleased to have had my mum here for the best part of a month, particularly with what happened late last week.
2. I am glad that Peanut has been able to have some quality time with her, as these are likely to be some of his earliest memories.
3. I am really enjoying running, and have been given the go-ahead to carry on, on the proviso that I stretch out before and after and daily in huge morning and afternoon – phew!
4. I am losing weight, and am in a routine ready for when I do my detox next week.
5. I am getting on better with my boss at work.
6. I am watching Monsters Inc. again, I wonder if I will ever get tired of this film?
7. I am still really saddened at the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I am more sad at the media circus surrounding it all.
8. I am a little bit over the hot and stinking weather Melbourne, 31c is fine, but not 41c.
9. I am looking forward to reading tonight, I’m half way through Tracey Thorn’s biography from Everything But The Girl, and am loving it.
10. I am going to miss Mum when she goes back to the UK.

What do you think..?

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