I like to move it, move it – Couch to 5km session 7

Hubs and I were both up before Peanut this morning. I’d laid out my gym stuff last night, packed my clothes for work and got everything ready bar my breakfast and vitamins before Mum and I went to the cinema (more later). Hubs was up dressed and getting his breakfast sorted when the cat appeared with something in the dining room.

You know what’s worse than finding a skink in your house? Finding a skink chomped in half in your house, that was yesterday’s pleasure. Today was a geckos turn to be played with. I held Chief Brody, gave some kitchen roll to Hubs, he picked up the gecko and took it out on to the deck. Peanut appeared with awesome bed head, little wisps all over the place, he toddled out on to the deck too to have a look and said ‘I’m outside. With outside toys!’, he then brought a concrete mixer into the kitchen, flung it to the floor and shouted ‘Shhh! Upsidaisy!’ sorry Mum if we woke you up rescuing the latest reptile and with the wee man.

Going to the gym this morning was much quieter than on my last visit earlier this week. I’m going to get to go tomorrow morning as well as Hubs has the day off work, he and The Granny are going to take Peanut down to his uncle’s for a sleepover. We three are going to the cricket in the evening. Balcony passes outside the Long Room at the MCG – good work my man! We’ll then have a lie-in *faint* we’ll all probably head to the gym again, have breakfast before heading down to collect the wee man again to have lunch and spend the afternoon with my brother and sister in law, not sure how many children are down with them. As it might not be their weekend to have the older two, but we’ll see.

While I know I’ll run tomorrow morning, I can’t swim as the pool is being fixed, but I’ll be able to get a swim in on Saturday as the work should be completed by then. I’m enjoying listening to my podcasts, plodding away, my knees felt better today too, and I managed the three minute burst ok both times. I’ve got an osteo appointment tomorrow, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything is ok, my back certainly feels pretty good and my neck has been more stable too. I must admit, I probably could have gone last week for an adjustment, but eked it out till this week. I won’t be doing that again!

Last night was great fun. Mum and I had ratatouille and rice for dinner, then headed off to the cinema, stopping to get fuel and ice creams on the way. Oh and two cans of pre-mixed G&Ts, we’re all class I can tell you. Ever got chatted up in a petrol station? Well, until last night, neither had I. Given that my hair is at the stage called ‘mop’, I’d not blow dried it yesterday and had been running my fingers through it all day, it was sticking up in all directions. I was in a pair of jeans that are ‘cosy’, wearing a scrabby t-shirt, and still got flirted with, maybe there is hope after all.

The film was fabulous, Emma Thompson was really good at being pernickety, proud, cautious and downright obstinate. Tom Hanks was also on good form, even changing how he spoke, pulling the sides of his mouth in to a tight line. Walt Disney was reportedly larger than life, so there’s not many people who could have portrayed him and got all the nuances of his character across. He was used to getting his own way, but with the rights of the books being dangled on a string in front of him, the frustration shone through, but at the same time knowing he couldn’t push back too hard or he’d lose it completely. People who worked with him also like that Tom Hanks picked up on the cough he used to do before Disney entered a room, so you knew he was coming.

Some critics and correspondents to Wittertainment have found the back story a bit too much, but you need to see where the characters came from – not just Mary Poppins, but PL Travers too. Taking her fathers’ name, creating a nom de plume, while trying to protect the memory and image of her father had an impact across PL Travers’ whole life, and explains her reticence to allow other people to ‘interfere with her’. Her being this larger than life woman, sweeping in on the East wind, restoring calm where there was chaos. Childhood doesn’t stay where it happened a lot of the time. Instances in anyone’s childhood are like ripples across a pond. They don’t even need to be bad things to have an impact, how many of you have been rooted to the spot by a smell, song or a fleeting glance of something out the corner of your eye?

Watching the young family crumble through alcohol abuse, at the same time as watching PL Travers’ resolve crumble and understanding that no matter what happens, she needs the money, so she has to let Mary Poppins go. Watching her realise this and seeing the relationship with her driver change are all foils for the prickles that surround an enigmatic, difficult woman. It could have easily been a schmaltzy film, but it isn’t. You come out singing the songs that the Sherman brothers wrote; wanting to watch Mary Poppins again, knowing how hard it was fought for makes the classic all the sweeter; you also come out thinking that yes Walt Disney got his way and upheld the promise to his daughters, but also that PL Travers got her way too. She never let anyone touch Mary Poppins again for the screen and stipulated that no-one involved with the film could touch the stage musical, effectively writing out the Sherman brothers the process.

And if you think it’s all too much, over the credits at the end, there is a tape of the development sessions, they do not exaggerate how difficult, how awful it must have been to have worked with this irascible woman. That you still like her at the end of the film all is testament to how good Emma Thompson is, you could have easily ended up wanting to smack her, instead you understand how hard it was for her too.

What do you think..?

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