On long weekends

I’m not sure there is anything more satisfying when Sunday night rolls around, and you know you have Monday off work too. While I could get very easily get used to having a three day weekend, that they’re not something that happens very often, makes them all the more special. Like the very limited opportunity I get to set an alarm, then switch it off, roll over and go back to sleep – which is what I used to do on a day off BC (before child). With the toddling alarm clock, we don’t need to set one at all really.

We had lots planned this weekend, so yesterday really was all the sweeter. Saturday was a lovely day, not too hot, perfect for walking round Healesville Sanctuary. We were spoilt really, we got there early enough to miss the crowds and the hotter part of the afternoon, but what made the day spectacular was not one, but two displays by the Lyre Bird. We’ve only ever seen his feathers running across the path in the distance, I’m trying to get the videos up onto YouTube, when I’ve managed it, I’ll add the link into here.

We saw a Tasmanian Devil awake. Which is an event in itself, normally you only get to see a small bundle of black fur and that’s it, and only that if they’ve fallen asleep in eyeshot too. One koala was also awake, an echidna was waddling around, the parrots stood still enough to see their beautiful colours and the emus stood so close to their fences you could touch them, if you were stupid enough to do that. I will upload some photos to Tumblr later today for you and put the link in, maybe that would work for the video too? (muses).

While we go to the sanctuary a lot, something must have been aligned correctly as Hubs and I have never seen so many animals out and about. Peanut had a whale of a time, Mum had a great time too. We went a bit of a peculiar route round, but no matter. Sitting down for a cup of coffee, we split some cakes and brought a sausage roll for Peanut. He solemnly proclaimed it to not be yummy, but delicious.

After the sanctuary visit, we took Mum to De Bortoli winery for a picnic. We sat on a hill, looking down into a vineyard and ate our cold chicken, pate, cheeses and enjoyed a bottle of red. It was really busy, so Mum and Hubs didn’t get to do the wine tasting, but I’ve got the 5 February off work to do a wine tour with her.

Sunday we headed over to my cousins house for a visit, celebrating Australia day with vegemite sandwiches, sausages, party pies, pavlova and chocolate cake. We chatted away for ages, Peanut behaved pretty well, and only got a bit cranky when he started to get tired. He loved the food, loved seeing everyone again and chatted away happily to us all.

Monday we went swimming, Peanut is throwing himself into the pools with abandon, the beach levels he loves as he flings himself down, kicks his legs and floats across the water. It’s gorgeous to watch how independent he is in the pools, I followed him around for an hour, standing under the jets when I was getting chilly. Mum had a swim, Hubs went to the gym, we came home, had showers and I headed up to the gym for my run. I’d put the last of the beef that we’d brought from the butcher for Christmas in to roast slowly. Fear not, it had been frozen! Dinner took a little longer to cook than planned, I should have put the meat in before we went swimming really, but it was worth waiting for. I found a gluten free Yorkshire pudding recipe too, and nearly cried when I had a mouthful of meat, horseradish, gravy and Yorkshire pudding. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed them!

So that’s it, three days condensed for you into a nut shell. I can’t tell you though how much this weekend has meant to mum and I. These weeks with her are going to be some of Peanut’s earliest memories – it’s awesome. In the true sense of the word.

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