I like to move it, move it – Couch to 5km session 6

After the walk round Healesville on Saturday, in flip-flops/thongs* (*delete as language barrier requires), my knees were a bit creaky going up and down the stairs when we got back. On the run sections the next day, my knees were sore again. I felt strong while running, but a tad tender, but I womanfully carried on, pushed on through and felt better for it at the end. The gym was crazy busy, as was the swimming pool, it being baking hot and all, I guess people were escaping to the gym to do their exercise.

Next session, to be had tomorrow morning, has repeated three whole minutes of running to look forward to. I’m hoping I am going to be strong again, and not creaky. My bag is already packed, I just need to work out what to wear. It’s not going to be as hot as it has been today, but I’m still in the throes of my hormones having effect on me, today I’m in my ‘fat pants’ – every woman has them. They hide a multitude of sins, and in my case due to the tailoring, help restrain the poor bloated belly. I’ve just had a crunchie, for medicinal purposes. If I could have a lie-down, a shot of vodka, a minion massaging my back and 12 hours straight sleep – I’d be one happy woman.

I know chocolate isn’t the answer to my problems, I just need to ride it out, as tomorrow will be a better day, with a bit of luck I’ll have stopped retaining water so can wear something more be-fitting for the weather.

What do you think..?

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