Ten on Tuesday – Breakfast food edition

Carole has asked for our favourite breakfast foods, this is easily my favourite meal of the day:

1. Eggs Benedict – number one favourite option, but you would not believe the amount of times I can’t have it ‘out’ because they’ve made the Hollandaise sauce with flour. It doesn’t have flour in the recipe, it’s egg yolks, vinegar or lemon juice and elbow grease.

2. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

3. Eggs and toast, with salt on the eggs and butter on the toast.

4. Omelette, my husband makes lovely omelettes.

5. Moving away from eggs, I love fresh fruit and yoghurt.

6. CADA – Coconut, Apple, Dates and Almonds (I use mixed un-salted nuts though) all whizzed together in the Thermomix. I’m going to try it with a pear as I’m not very good with apples at the minute, will report back.

7. Toast and marmalade, with strong black coffee.

8. Freedom gluten free cornflakes and muesli, with soy milk and yoghurt.

9. Smashed avocado and feta on toast. Sometimes with an egg, sometimes not, sometimes with bacon, sometimes not.

10. Mushrooms in any shape or form, on toast, on the side, I love mushrooms.

That was the easiest Ten on Tuesday I’ve done in a while, thank you Carole for the suggestion. I love my food, and always struggle to choose breakfast when I’m out and about. Pancakes are also a firm favourite, but I need to make them as we’ve had a few ‘issues’ with cross-contamination when I’ve had the gluten free option out and about. I’ve just had a bowl full of number 8, and am off to make a cup of green tea. Have a good day.

What do you think..?

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