Oh what a night…

I know I’ve slept. But I also know I’ve not had nearly enough. Peanut was up and down with bad dreams, starting just after I’d got to sleep through to about 2am. Both Hubs and I were tag-teaming, so we’re both like zombies today.

Peanut is so cranky, I struggled with him this morning. He wanted to watch rocket videos on YouTube, which he needs help to do, aside from still getting ready and the normal morning routine, I didn’t want him parked in front of a screen, just because it would be easier all round. After him having a little time-out to think about what he was doing, I don’t like being hit because he’s not getting his own way, I asked him if he wanted to play with his play-doh, or stickers. When I carried him into his room (kicking and screaming, still in mid tantrum) I got his stickers out. He calmed right down, sat nicely in his high-chair and played happily for half an hour showing Granny his stickers. I finished off the washing up, made my breakfast, and got my fruit ready for the day.

When I headed for the bathroom, I put a Shaun the Sheep DVD on for the pair of them to watch together – Granny laughed like a drain at him yesterday. He decided that he didn’t want that, he wanted the Lorax instead. He didn’t get it, even after turning off the DVD player to ‘help’ me change it. The staff in his room today are going to have fun, I can tell. Either that or he’ll be ok, sleep for ages after lunch – and we’ll get a cranky toddler back again at the end of the day.

Last night Hubs was at his desk from 6:30 – 17:10, left to go to the gym, got caught up in traffic after a prang on the freeway, finally got the gym at 18:30, so it was busy and he had to wait for every piece of equipment. Came home in a foul mood, he hadn’t been able to shake it off at all, but then as I was still reading to Peanut, he came into say goodnight to him. Peanut was overjoyed to see him, giving him a huge hug and a kiss. When we were getting ready for bed, he said ‘I may have only spent two minutes with him, but they were a good two minutes’.

Parenting is hard work, I know that sometimes it’s easier to give in when they keep asking you for the same thing over and over; but I want a better desk at work. I’d like a new car. I’d like to have lots of different things in my life, but me jumping up and down creating about them won’t get me them – I either need to save money, save time, save energy or a bit of all three to work towards getting them. All the books tell you that toddlers push because they want to know where the line is. If you keep moving it, they get confused. When Peanut realised that no matter what he did, I wasn’t giving in, he just shrugged his shoulders and got on with his morning, allowing mum and I to get on with our morning too.

After the night we’d had, where we’ve woken up tired, I’m proud I earned some more Mama stripes today. I didn’t plonk him in front of the TV, but instead pottered around him while he spent some time with his Granny and we all chatted together. Despite my weariness, I am going to the gym tonight. I missed going over the weekend and on Monday, I know I’ll feel better for it, after my run there is a sauna with my name on it!

Now if someone could give me an alarm call about 3ish, just in case, that’d be great.

What do you think..?

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