Yuckity yuck

After drinking copious amounts of bathwater, despite requests not too, Peanut woke up wet at 10:30 last night. I changed his nappy, got him resettled and he then slept through to 5ish. I wrestled him into his outfit for the day, and by 6:10am we were painting in the kitchen. As you do.

I was having morning tea at work, delayed because a lot of the team I’m linked with were working either at the Relief Centre or the Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre on Friday. Last night I made scones, today I had to get the topping for the pavlova and last bits ready. All was going well until I made a cuppa for Mum and I and a cockroach appeared out from under the kettle. Talk about shrieking and jumping up and down. It made me jump, I think they’re disgusting, but they don’t scare me. I won’t ever, not ever, pick one up, it has to have ceased to be first. But this sodding thing wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to squash it. I squirted it with fly spray, but then the sodding thing scuttled into my toaster.

Cue more shrieking and swearing. The toaster is outside on the deck, Mum brought me a new one today. I cannot bring myself to use the old one now. Bleugh. Anyhoo, I bleach-cleaned the whole bench and sink, muttering away to myself, then looked at the clock and muttered again. Luckily Mum helped and got the last of my things ready for morning tea, I sorted myself out in the bathroom. I’d put on ABC4Kids, Lazy Town was on, Peanut came out to find me to complain and asked for Shaun The Sheep instead. That’s my boy. When everything was ready, Mum sat next to Peanut on the couch, the pair of them laughing at the DVD.

When I get home tonight, I’m going to have a play with my birthday presents, I was given a whole box of stationery goodies from Kikki K, in order to restore some semblance of normality and balance!

Morning tea was lovely, we talked about all sorts of things, which is always good instead of shop. Including the now infamous social club quiz round of My Little Pony vs. Stripper names. One of the guys I work with sung happy birthday to me, which got everyone started, despite me asking for the bluddy thing not to be sung. I went crimson, everyone laughed and they asked why I hated it. I said Frankie Howerd got a whole theatre to sing it to me when I was a child, so off we started talking about TV entertainers… [I’ll leave you to fill in the topic of conversation here]

I’m playing catch-up from being out the office with a thumping headache yesterday, so must close for now. Have a good week.

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