Hazardous article – approach with caution

As well as nearly setting off a security alert at the airport by dropping a bag from her trolley, Mum almost set fire to the house yesterday.

I’d gone home to have lunch with her, finishing off the salad that we’d made the night before. When I got home from work I said that I could smell burning. Mum said that she’d gone round and round the house trying to work out what the smell was and where it was coming from as she’d been smelling it all afternoon too. We can’t smell the bushfires, despite a few being quite close (more later). After going out to check the boiler and the air conditioning unit, I thought it just had to be the fires (maybe coming in through the unit on the roof) and thought nothing more of it. When we came to nuke Peanut’s bottle, we found two cremated falafel, (that I’d put in the microwave to heat through, but then forgot to put them on my plate for lunch), a broken bowl, a very sad looking plastic microwave plate cover and a dirty glass turny-plate-thing (technical term). Whoops. In putting what she thought was a timer on, Mum had actually put on the microwave for five minutes, on high. Thank goodness she didn’t do it again.

If any of you know how to get rid of the whiff of burnt food out a microwave…? Answers on a postcard please.

Aside from obviously being required to be supervised, it’s great having Mum here. Peanut is loving having time with her, chatting nicely to her over his dinner last night, he can’t wait to go swimming with her, he keeps sharing his toys and books and cuddles around between the three of us. We’re desperately waiting for the cool change to blow through Melbourne, it’s due later tonight. Everyone at work looks like zombies, sleep-walking through their days. I did all my filing this morning as it was all my brain could cope with until I got going. I’ve been told I’m getting a lie-in tomorrow and breakfast in bed. In the shower this morning I was trying to work out the last time I woke up on my birthday with my Mum in the house, I couldn’t remember. I’ve lived away from home since my early twenties, so it’s at least 15 years, if not longer. To say I’m looking forward to the day is an understatement.

Saturday, we’re going to go swimming in the morning when we’re all underway, then eat far too much at High Tea. On Sunday we’re taking Mum to Doncaster shopping. We need to get Peanut’s feet measured and she wants to get a few bits, we’re also running out of bath bomb robots which would be a catastrophe, at least to Peanut. I want to get a gym session in at some point over the weekend too.

We’re also trying to sort out a wine tour to the Yarra Valley over Mum’s visit. Considering it is about half an hour’s drive away, you wouldn’t have thought it would be so difficult; but what with needing cover at work and that we can only either be picked up in the CBD or at Lilydale train station. Either way, we’ve got to get a train for 45-60 minutes into the city, and if we’re collected at Lilydale, it’ll take that again to get back out there as it isn’t on our line. Not one of the companies I’ve contacted have accepted a different pick-up point close to the valley itself. It’s maddening, I know it’s understandable, but to not drive at all during the day is looking like dropping Peanut off as soon as the doors open at 6:30 at his nursery, drive home, a bus ride, at least one train ride, to then drive past our house on the way out to the valley. To drive past it again on the way back out, a train ride back to where we live and then a taxi home.

About these bushfires that we’re again struggling with. We’ve had years of pretty much continuous growth since Black Saturday in 2009, everything after this week is tinder dry. We got an email saying that some dickhead was lighting fires deliberately all along the Hume Highway this afternoon as if the naturally started ones aren’t enough for people to deal with. Last night we had a massive electrical storm, a tree 15m from our house got hit. Somehow it didn’t burst into flames, fall on a car or fall on a house, it just split in half and lay down in the road. One of the residents moved enough out the road for people to get through with his chain saw, with the remainder being cut down and chipped this morning. It was a beautiful tree too.

There were actually a couple of storms, swirling around overhead, for at least an hour. Peanut was quite happy while he was in his bath, but when they carried on going, with really loud claps of thunder right above the house, he was scared silly. I scored some serious Mummy points though. I’d paused ABC4Kids just before In The Night Garden started, I’ve never been so pleased to see Iggle Piggle in my life, it calmed him right down. He’d been sitting on the couch crying saying ‘Noisy!’ and hand signing frantically ‘All done’ at me. Poor little man. When the program had finished, so had the storm and he finally settled down. Tonight will be much more pleasant temperature, I can’t wait to open the house up and get some air through it to blow the heat out of it. And also the smell of our worm farm, the poor things just couldn’t cope with the heat, despite being under cover and dowsed in water every morning, afternoon and evening. They’ve nearly all carked it, so are going to have to be dug into the garden. Just when it was thriving too, feel so sad, as I hate seeing anything suffer. They were crawling out anywhere they could to try and cool down.

On that joyful note, I will love you and leave you. Have a great weekend peeps. See you next week.

2 thoughts on “Hazardous article – approach with caution

  1. Maybe try lemon juice, water & bicarbonate of soda? Lemon juice to make it smell nice and the bicarb to absorb the smell. Put on for a couple of mins…. X


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