It’s a Granny!

Yesterday was a blistering day in Melbourne, complete with a grass fire 8km from our house, at one point we were on a ‘Watch and act’ notice, which if we would have got a text message, we’d have to have left home. Which was a bit too close for comfort. Today the fire is contained, but it is still hot and thunderstorms are predicted later this afternoon, but unfortunately without any rain, which could mean more fires may start.

I saw Mum’s flight was due to land a bit early, so I left a bit earlier to collect her from the airport. I brought a bottle of water, sat on a bench and read my kindle. Well, tried to, every five minutes I looked up at the board. Then I got a text to say she’d landed. Everyone waiting to collect family and friends were in shorts and t-shirts, watching the people come through the doors after getting through customs were in various layers depending where they’d come from – be it NZ, KL, Fiji and Singapore. The two longer distance flights also probably had connections from Europe, given the amount of people in winter coats, which they would have had to shed as soon as they got outside the terminal.

Finally she appeared. She was sat in the last row of the plane and her bag was one of the last ones off, but she cleared customs really quickly. We had a little weep. Then a giggle, then a weep again. And headed to the car. As we crossed the road to the car park, she realised she’d lost a bag. I said ‘Stay there, I’ll go back and get it’. I found it by the terminal door, with a man on a walkie-talkie looking worried. I apologised and said it was my mum’s, that it had fallen off the trolley. Nothing like starting your visit with a security alert.

We drove home, minimal traffic at that time of night, Hubs had stayed up to say hello, but soon went to bed as he was heading out to work as normal. I had the morning off, so mum and I had a cuppa and some biscuits as we were both a bit peckish.

At 3am a small boy woke up, peered round the door to Granny’s room, she said ‘Hello’ (being wide awake with jet lag) and he disappeared again. This morning about six-ish we all got up proper, Mum came out her room, Hubs asked Peanut who she was. “It’s a Granny!” he exclaimed. Very excited. She asked him for a kiss, but he said no thank you. Hubs headed out to work, Granny was on the floor playing with Peanut’s toys. You know you’re accepted into the tribe when he shares things with you and gives you things to look at, be it toys or books. It is hard being on the other side of the world from my family, but talking online face to face does make it easier. Peanut was jabbering away, as he knew her, but he doesn’t know her. If you know what I mean?

We had breakfast together: bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast. Peanut made a great dent in his, then asked for some honey toast, so I cleared the remaining egg out the way and smeared some honey on his toast. He ended up eating eggs and bacon with one hand and toast and honey with the other, but was quite happy. With the combination.

He was most disgruntled to be dropped off at nursery this morning, he wanted to show Granny the swimming pool with the bucket that goes splash, he wanted to show her the trains and he’d not finished showing her his toys. We’re just going to get through this week with the heatwave, then reassess next week what we’re doing. Mum brought a 20 session pass at the swimming pool, she wants to go swimming each morning, but it involves a bus ride there. When she’s settled in, I’ll pull Peanut out of nursery for a couple of afternoons so they can have a play and some more time together.

We’ve got nearly a month together. We’re determined to enjoy it, although we know it will be over all too quickly.

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