One little word for 2014

When I was getting ready to complete my Virtual Assistant’s course, I was asked to have a think about two words that described me and the journey I was going to take. After consulting with various loved ones I came up with “Strength” and “Joy” I had it on the front of my diary, on my computer screen, by my bed. Everywhere I would see it, could see it and use it to motivate me, I put a sticky label.

Carole has been talking about a word for 2014. I didn’t have to think long and hard about this one at all, it near enough popped in my head as soon as I read her blog post. My word for 2014 is “Fit”. Here’s why:

· We’ve got a young son that we want to model good and appropriate behaviour. I want him to see that going for walks, running, going to the gym or swimming are normal activities, not out of the ordinary. We cook the vast majority of our meals from scratch at home, when I see adverts for meal replacement weight loss plans, I wonder how children in the houses where the parents are getting food delivered to them will learn to cook? We’ve already got him stirring dishes in the kitchen, why not teach him it’s great to be active at the same time.

· I am very proud of my body, it made and cooked a baby for 37 weeks, I just sat in the middle of it and watched it happen around me. I think it deserves more respect than I have been giving it of late. I’m taking baby steps to take better care of myself, visiting an osteopath regularly, reducing my alcohol levels and upping my exercise commitments to myself.

· I’ve got a really nice pair of jeans that I brought that I would like to be able to just pull on, not breathe in and pull on.

· Fit in body and in mind, when I exercise, I know I feel better mentally. If I am to continue to take better care of myself, it’s inside and out. Working the outside, improves my inside and consequently makes the lives of everyone I come into contact with through the day better and happier!

Hubs’ word for the year is “Happy” – he had an awful year last year, spent a long time wondering why he was doing what he was doing. While he chose to start running and upped his studying; taking positive action to change his life for the better, he really struggled with himself. Being fit and happy is not much to ask really, I’ll keep you posted on the fitness improvements. It keeps me accountable as much as anything else! If I’m telling y’all about it, it’s a diary for me to look back on and be proud of what I’ve achieved.

What word would you choose for 2014?

One thought on “One little word for 2014

  1. Without dwelling too long…
    I want to be content with what I have, content with my family (whether it grows or not) and I particularly want to shed my mantle of “Queen of the unfinished project” and actually complete things, tidy things, make things, etc. I want to get to the end of 2014 and see my home as I currently dream it would be, many drawn out projects finally on display (err… patchwork quilt started in 1999!) and my habits changed for the better.


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