It wasn’t what I’d planned for the morning

Last night Hubs and I packed our bags, lunches and breakfasts, laid our clothes out ready to go and went to bed early ready for a big week. Peanut slept through, but because it was dark at 5am this morning, I didn’t have a clue what time of day it was, so when I saw the time, I was pleasantly surprised.

He asked to come into our bed for cuddles, and promptly feel back asleep. He has a cute little snore on him. The three of us were curled up in a familial ball, near enough all on one pillow, it was a lovely start to the morning. Hubs pressed snooze twice and decided to not go to the gym as he was enjoying his ‘Big cuddles Dadda’ with his boy too much. I pulled on my swimming costume and got dressed, I wanted to plod up and down for 1km this morning. After dropping the wee man off, I headed to the pool to find it closed with an electrical fault. Not having my gym bag with me, I was planning on changing bags over at lunchtime, so I headed for a spa and sauna instead.

The electrical fault must be pretty impressive, the whole plant room was cordoned off with yellow caution tape. They said on the front desk that it would be 3-4 days before it would be fixed and up and running again.

Sitting in the sauna, on my own, I concentrated on my breath. After my 20 minutes, I popped into the spa, pummelled my back and shoulders against a jet while floating in the water, then headed back to the sauna for another 10 minutes. One of the sheer joys of going to the gym at work that I hadn’t considered before today: having a shower, getting dressed, doing my hair and make-up in peace and quiet!

I don’t have to throw make-up at my face and hope it sticks because I’ve been repairing broken train tracks. I don’t have to worry about what is going on when the house goes quiet. I don’t have to fend off a toddler clinging to my leg asking for ‘Up’ or pointing to ‘Bottom, belly, boobies’ (delete as applicable). I also don’t have to worry about Peanut trying to sit on Chief Brody, or pull his tail, or smother him with love, when the poor cat is worn out from carousing and would just like to go to sleep.

So while I didn’t get my swim in, and the gym will probably be a bit busier tonight, I don’t care. I feel like a new woman today.

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