I like to move it, move it – Couch to 5km session 2

Well I did it. I got everything ready last night, laid my gym clothes out by my bed, packed a bag with work clothes, shower stuff, make-up, hairdryer and so on. got breakfast and lunch ready, so no excuses. The only thing I didn’t do was lay out clothes for Peanut, but as it’s going to be hot today, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt didn’t take long to get him into. He was a bit confused as to what was happening, but he knows what our gym kit looks like from our walks, so he figured it out quickly enough.

The gym was pretty quiet, except for me laughing at Graham Norton’s podcast. Not sure that is the correct etiquette, but never mind. I’ve just brought some different headphones designed to stay in my ears, as when I’m walking the ones I’ve got in my bag are ok, but running they’re wiggling around a bit. The shorter length cabley-bit (technical term) gets pulled by the longer one, so the left ear feels like it’s being pulled out.

Session 2 was the same set up as before, walk for five minutes, run for a minute, walk for 90 seconds and keep repeating until you get to 30 minutes. Looking at the stats now, as I forgot to set the incline before I started, I didn’t climb as far, but for the first session I forgot to put my weight in, so it looks like I burned more calories this time. Again, I enjoyed it. Again, I was surprised. Knowing that I have to run slowly I think is the key. I don’t care what speed I’m doing, I’m doing it.

I am sat at my desk glowing and feeling great, I’ve done exercise before I even start the working day. And it is Friday to boot. On Tuesday next week I am collecting my mum from the airport, this weekend we’re going swimming, have a birthday party and are going to Mrs Parma’s for lunch where I’m going to meet two important women in Hubs life, the two girls from his study group. All in all, it’s a good start to the day. Now, if I could get another early night tonight, I’d be over the moon.

Anyone got any ideas what I could do for dinner?

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