Back to ‘normal’…?

Whatever ‘normal’ is, our sojourn for Christmas and New Year’s is well and truly over, as we’re both back to work today, Peanut went back to nursery and while it is Monday, I’m very glad it is Monday. The sooner we all swing back into a routine the better.

I dropped the wee man off a bit earlier than normal today, in case of tears and catastrophes, but checking on him just now, he’s been fine all morning, had his breakfast and morning tea and was settling down to do some drawing as I spoke to one of the girls in the room. It’s been so lovely spending weeks with him at home, now all we need is that elusive jackpot on the lottery and we can do it all the time!

Last night we pottered around the kitchen getting our lunches and breakfasts ready for this morning, we both had clothes ironed and ready to go (thank goodness) although there is a Matterhorn of ironing to go, trains and swimming got in the way of getting it done yesterday as planned. In fact, most of our plans for the weekend went out the window, but it doesn’t matter. Cleaning and housework will still be there, watching England get thumped 5-0 in the Ashes only happens once every eight years and when your son requests to go swimming, after four visits of being scared of the public pool, you grab that opportunity too. Both trips to the pool we made on Saturday and Sunday went well; with him jumping in, swimming between the two of us and him playing on the slides and in the water features. He’s back to his happy water baby self, after clinging on to me round my neck asking to go home the previous four or five times.

The pool hall has the 50m pool on one side and the teaching pool and fun pools on the other, so it’s a big space. Too big for him on the first visits, too noisy, too many people and not his normal environment at all, so it was a relief to find him whooping with joy in the pool and asking to jump in again and again on Saturday. When I was repacking the bag on Sunday for our next visit, he asked to go swimming again, so we did. We played in the little teaching pool quite happily, avoiding the groups of boys who need to grab each other around the neck and wrestle each other to the floor (le sigh). Then he got the idea he’d like to jump into the 50m pool. We duly crossed over, I jumped in first and gasped, from a heated teaching pool to a gala pool, it was quite a temperature drop. He jumped in, came up eyes as wide as saucers and asked to get out please. The look on his face was priceless.

By the time we got home, it was nearly 4pm. After spending the morning at the ride-on model railway and play park, and given that the cricket was dire, when Peanut had a snooze, so did I. While I’ve enjoyed the time at home, too many people, too much Christmas and just generally being out of whack with ‘normal’ has meant I’ve not been sleeping well. Last night we all slept right through, hurrah, but not for long enough. I’m having had an odd cycle (one for the ladies) am feeling very sluggish, lethargic and bloated to boot. I’ve just ordered a detox from a friend, it’ll arrive by the end of the month, but I’m going to take better care of myself before it gets here. I weighed myself this morning, gulp. I was also very pleased to be able to do up my trousers, as it took a couple of days to be able to get into my jeans this past weekend.

I’ve got an osteo appointment this afternoon, I’m hoping to get the all clear to exercise again, but my back has been in such bad shape I’ve not been able to do much more than walk for a couple of months. That does not mean the amount of alcohol I’ve drunk over Christmas can be excused, but as I said on Facebook, from today, I’m sober for at least two weeks. When the detox arrives, which I’ll do after my birthday, again I’ll be sober for another couple of weeks; however a champagne High Tea on my birthday is to be looked forward to with relish, not feared or judged.

I’ve got more to report, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow, my late morning tea is over. Have a good Monday, wherever it finds you.

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