Merry Christmas everyone

As I sit at my desk for the last time before the Christmas festivities, I’m thinking how nice of Melbourne it is to be so blooming cold, so I feel more Christmassy. I’m wearing Capri pants, but at the last minute, changed my top for a jumper, put a pair of boots on, added a scarf, then a jacket for the walk to work. I know I will need to get changed later on today, but I can’t sit at my desk shivering. It ain’t ladylike.

Hubs picked up the meat for the family dinner yesterday. We had a bit of miscommunication with the butcher, we’ve got a 2.5kg leg of lamb, a 5kg ham and a 4.5kg beef joint, which was a lot bigger than we thought. After trawling through numerous cook books last night, we’ve decided to cut the beef joint in half, then one half into quarters, freeze those two and cook the remaining beef in the oven, a la Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall. Crank up the oven to hot 210-230°c, in goes the beef for half an hour, then turn the oven down to 160°c and cook for 15 minutes per half a kilo. Never fails.

It means that we don’t need to borrow the weber from Hubs’ brother, so when he asked for a list of things to do round the house this morning instead, I gave him a list. He complained it was mostly cleaning. Well duh, this is the last bit of it. And literally will take minutes because it is the last bit of it. It leaves me to finish work, head into the local shopping centre, buy some flowers for our hostess tomorrow and two other things, then I can come home, bake with Peanut (setting up another family tradition) and make the salad to take for lunch tomorrow. Job done. Everything is wrapped, everything is ready, we’ve sorted the timings out for lunch on Saturday, and are just keeping an eye on the weather now.

Wherever this week finds you, I hope you have fun with your nearest and dearest. I hope you eat well, but not too much. Enjoy yourselves, but not too much. But please remember that Christmas isn’t about gifts and over indulgence, it’s about making time to be with people who are special to you. Christmas is a mixture of festivals, traditions and celebrations, but light and love are at the heart of all of them. Light a candle, relax, enjoy yourselves and be merry and bright.

With love, from ours to yours.

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