Poor neglected blog

Sorry folks, but for those of you that are friends IRL, you’d know that we had a week from hell last week. I didn’t have time to do much other than washing and cleaning, both of which were both warranted and needed!

Peanut started off feeling cranky on Sunday. He was very clingy and wouldn’t leave my side at our Mother’s Day Christmas catch-up, which made helping prepare the brunch problematical, but we managed. It was lovely to see everyone again. I love also how well all the children play together, how there are easy conversations between the adults and lots and lots of warm hugs and kisses. Sunday afternoon, out of nowhere he spewed after refusing a roast dinner, which he normally hoovers up. Then he refused ice cream, turned white and I wore the lot. Great.

Monday was worse, I called the GP and said I didn’t know whether to bring him in or not, what do they suggest? They found an appointment slot for us, decided it was viral, we’d need to ride it out, but if he was no better by Wednesday to bring him back, but signed him out of nursery for two days. Then on Wednesday I started, I called the GPs again, as Peanut was also still not eating. Again, they fitted us in, this time I was signed off work till Friday. On a boiling hot day, I couldn’t get warm, so was wearing tracksuit pants and a jumper. I went to bed under a blanket and a duvet, asked Hubs to turn the air conditioning vent around that was blowing on me, and also could he turn it down a bit as I was freezing? He said no, as it was actually really quite warm. Manny came up to help on Thursday, as soon as he arrived I retreated back to bed. Slept for two hours, woke up hungry (hurrah) and then went back to bed as the effort of making, then eating lunch was too much.

Slowly we have got better, I still ache, Peanut is still sleeping for hours at a time, but we’re getting there. On one day, I ran eight loads of washing, including two blankets and three cuddly toys. It’s like the generation game, but with soap suds and air freshener. (Very British joke there, sorry to my other readers).Talking to a friend at lunch time today she said this has to have been the fifth time we’d had a gastro bug this year. Great fun, not.

After having a week off work, I can’t take the break over Christmas I had planned, so I’m waiting to talk to my boss about how to shuffle things around. I’ll be working tomorrow (Christmas Eve) then Monday and Tuesday of next week, instead of finishing today until the 6 January. Needs must and all that though.

One thought on “Poor neglected blog

  1. Hope the nasty bugs leave you alone long enough for you to put Nellie to work to make the feast that will fill the table on your deck and then to enjoy it while soaking in the serene view. My Christmas card says that our prayer for you is a healthier 2014… I’ll pray in earnest for you! T xx
    P.S. Ditto on the Mothers’ Group sentiments. We really did hit the jackpot with our group! xo


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