Christmas lunch 1

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to visit my cousin to spend the day with her brother, his wife, their two girls, their boyfriends, one boyfriend’s parents and then my cousin’s aunt and uncle. Are you with me so far? All in all there were fifteen of us round the table. I call Auntie Susie my cousin, because we’re related in such a tenuous way, it’s just easier. I don’t see her brother or his wife from one year to the next, but Susan’s aunt and uncle we see a couple of times a year. It was a loud, riotous table, but good fun.

We had roast lamb, roast chicken, ham, potatoes, pumpkin, sprouts, carrots, onions, and gravy; all after a starter of prawns and crayfish salad. Then Christmas pudding and custard. It is safe to say, I couldn’t move at the end of the meal, and was very glad I wore a dress (waist expansion, forward planning), despite Peanut climbing all over me and flashing my legs to all and sundry sitting near me. Peanut was a little trooper and took it in his stride, but once he’d hit his wall and asked to go home, we took him, which I think helped as he went from happy to cranky in about 2 seconds flat. As you do at that age.

We all had presents to open at the table, Peanut helped to distribute them, and was very pleased to be able to help. God I love him, he’s so sweet. Last night when we got home, I got changed into PJs straight away, and started consuming cups of tea at a great rate of knots to try and get some fluid in me. My place setting didn’t have a water glass, and my wine glass kept getting topped up. By rights, I should have been on the floor, see Puffing Billy experience, but somehow I’m ok. Although I do remember heading back out for Christmas pudding, it being a gluten free one and just plopping the remainder into my bowl. Only about half the pudding was left. No wonder I was stuffed to bursting.

Peanut didn’t want to go to sleep without me, as I’d already climbed into bed, I just got into his bed with him and we cuddled up. That boy is a fidget bottom when he dreams, he was all over the place, flinging his arms around. At 3:45am he wanted some water, after getting him a drink I got back into my bed and went back to sleep. I had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast this morning to help get me going, and have just gone over the road for a coffee (medicinal purposes).

Fingers crossed I get through the day intact, hopefully I will manage. I’m not going to the gym tonight, I think a night shuffling paperwork would be more restorative. Have a good week peeps. I’ll try to keep Christmas preparations out the blog as much as I can, as we’re all getting ready for it, not just us, but if something funny happens, I’ll share it with y’all.

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